Hillary HQ opens in Portland

Tonight, the Hillary Clinton for President campaign is opening its doors in Oregon -- and Congresswoman Darlene Hooley will be on hand to rally the troops at 6 p.m. 32 NW 5th Avenue, Portland.

From the announcement:

Coming off the heels of Hillary's visit to the state this past weekend, we are keeping the momentum going by opening up the doors to our state headquarters up in Portland! Join us for this great event and opportunity to find out more about how you can get involved and meet some of our staff, volunteers and other supporters who will help lead us to victory this May! Bring a cell phone and laptop if you have one. We'll have plenty to do after the event to get things rolling!

More info here.

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    Rumor has it that the Clinton campaign looked at the old Wild Oats building and made a pitch for it -- the owner rejected the promised rent and is giving the building to Obama for free. How did Clinton get her current space?

  • John (unverified)

    Regardless of your opinion of the candidate, what an awful, awful place to put a campaign office. Not exactly (not the worst either) the safest place at night, no parking and no surrounding neighborhood. What were they thinking?

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    Why Hillary why?

    What is the point? It's over. Obama is going to win this thing. Why waste money, time, effort and importantly delude your supporters.

    Can you imagine if all the time and money you will be spending in Oregon went to some of our local races or a independent fund dedicated to exposing Gordon Smith for who he is.

    Instead we get this Quixote campaign intent on fighting to the end with no real chance of winning. What is the point? I seriously hate seeing this much Dem. energy and resources invested for absolutley no point whatsoever.

  • Taylor M (unverified)

    Wow. I walked by Jim Torrey's campaign HQ in downtown Eugene, and knowing (and loving) the Old Town Burnside area, I'm pretty sure Torrey's moribund campaign has the better digs.

    I guess Clinton HQ is convenient to downtown, but really... Is this the Mark Penn of Oregon campaign headquarters?

  • Katy (unverified)

    Jeremy, You sound like Bush's team back in 2000 telling Gore to get out before the votes were counted.

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    So, it's 4:34 pm as I write this.

    Looks like the post went up sometime about an hour ago.

    I work about two blocks from the new Clinton office.

    We just had our first walk-in looking for them.

    Kinda cool.

  • Christy (unverified)

    Close to MAX and the Bus mall. Check. Centrally located. Check. I live in Old Town and my car has never been broken into. The streets are virtually empty at night, except for the bar-goers. It takes me 10 minutes to get just about anywhere in town by car, 20 by bus. Reading this just reminded me why much-needed development in this neighborhood has been so slow to happen. Perception is everything. I thank the Hillary campaign for locating in Old Town and hope that they find it as convenient as I do...

  • JohnH (unverified)

    Given reports of her financial problems, maybe Hillary got the only centrally located place that didn't require her campaign to pay in full up front...

  • Buckman Res (unverified)

    After Hillary loses in Pennsylvania it will be time for her to play her ace and run as an independent candidate, one final way for her to stick it to all those ungrateful Dems who don't recognize her superior ability while assuring BHO doesn’t win the White House.

    She will likely sacrifice her Senate seat which never meant squat to her anyway, other than as a stepping stone to the Presidency.

    It might even land her a spot in J-Mac’s cabinet.

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    Posted by: Katy | Apr 7, 2008 4:29:56 PM Jeremy, You sound like Bush's team back in 2000 telling Gore to get out before the votes were counted.

    Most of the votes have been counted and Clinton is for all intents and purposes mathematically eliminated.

    Even if Obama doesn't outright win ANY of the remaining states, and Clinton wins the following states by 30% margins (which she will not do even if she wins them):

    Clinton wins... Pennsylvania 65% - 35% Indiana 65% - 35% West Virginia 65% - 35% Kentucky 65% - 35%

    And the following states/territories are split 50/50 (which is also unlikely as Obama will win some of them in a walk):

    Oregon South Dakota Guam North Carolina Montana Puerto Rico PLEOs that have not endorsed

    She still loses the nomination to Obama.

    And as I to think that Obama doesn't win NC, SD and MT outright are not at all realistic. Do the math yourself if you don't believe me.

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    After Hillary loses in Pennsylvania it will be time for her to play her ace and run as an independent candidate

    Fortunately, that's not possible. Almost every state (though not Connecticut, famously) has a "sore loser" law that says you cannot run as an independent or third-party candidate if you lose a primary election for another party.

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    Centrally located. Check.

    Centrally located? It's not even centrally located for the western side of Portland.

    It may be near the MAX and bus lines, but I can tell you having worked in campaign offices since 1992 that most people drive into the office. Parking is always a problem even when there is parking in the area. You should have seen the parking problems around the DPO office in '04 and '06 and the Kerry office in '04.

    You get a lot of volunteers during the day. It's great and all that there is parking at night, but there are a lot of people who are going to want to volunteer during the day.

    It's great that Clinton got an office - I know people have been looking for one for a while. But I think it is a really poor location for an office. An office in Portland isn't just a "Portland office" - it's a Multnomah County office. And by having your only office west of the river, you dramatically decrease the number of those east of 82nd Street who will help out at the office.

    It also shows a lack of knowledge of the area - very much like Clinton's comments about Florida and Michigan in a state that chose to follow the rules in order to not lose delegates.

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    Katy - Saying I sound like W is really really disengenious.

    Right now with 82% of the vote in Obama leads Clinton 53% - 47%. There is not a news channel in the world that wouldnt call the race at that point. But because it's a Clinton she gets a massive break.

    The bottom line for me though is the huge investment of capital - both emotional and monetarily for something that is essentially over and done with. As I said - Novick or Merkely could certainly use that scratch and volunteer energy.

    Darlene Hooley is a smart woman. What is she doing creating false hopes and building people up for an eventual dissapointment.

  • BloodDAnna (unverified)

    I guess with all of the real estate magnates here maybe the Clinton campaign could get some help? Yeah probably not.

    Why is there an Obama ad staring at me on the left hand side of my monitor? WOOHOO that about says it all. It's sort of like throwing up the "Obama Only" sign on the front page.

  • shedrick J. Wilkins (unverified)

    I'm a Hillery Clinton supporter, since February 2007, but I may change to Senator Obama, around July 4th,2008 the change or 1776 date of revolution of USA. the 4th will be on a friday night.

    I think if a Condessia Rice , may appear as VP on the

    McCain, ticket, Obama should try to FORCE Hillery Clinton on the VP ticket. Again, if obama gets the nomination in August , many democrats woman will be offended, and not vote or vote for Condessa Rice. I understand that RICE , black and woman , professor of political science, and secretary of state under Bush, 8 years, is PUSHING her self on McCain, she will be jobless, if democrats win, why not try, if umemployed in 2009, try your nearest republican university. I give Obama $5, [email protected]

    post me, I will stop by Obama Portland office again, in July alot, I think Obama will do better with Green party members and the Sierra Club. Nader may drop out for Obama, but not for Hillary, so Al gore, Nader, LOSS?

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    Why is there an Obama ad staring at me on the left hand side of my monitor? WOOHOO that about says it all. It's sort of like throwing up the "Obama Only" sign on the front page.

    Maybe because the Obama campaign purchased an ad? The Clinton campaign can purchase ads as well, there's nothing stopping them (other than a severe campaign money shortage). There are plenty of times when there are ads on this site for competing candidates, such as Merkley and Novick or Portland City Council candidates. If the Clinton campaign chooses not to purchase an ad on this site, that's their choice.

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