Hillary in Hillsboro, Eugene today

Senator Hillary Clinton brings her campaign to Oregon today. Right now (9:30 a.m.), she's speaking at Hillsboro's Liberty High School. KATU has live, online streaming coverage.

Later today at 1:30 p.m., she'll be at South Eugene HS.


  • ChakraTease (unverified)

    Kolungoski just dropped the guantlet. Here's one progressive voter that is going to drop another $100 into Obama's campaign and start to turn up the local effort. time to start thinking about the next governor. The candidate not hand picked by Kolungoski.

    Here's to a democratic civil war in Oregon. I can't wait, this is going to make the next 3 years a ton of fun.

  • John F. Bradach, Sr. (unverified)

    The Oregonion article on Hillary's visit included the following Josh Kardon quote:

    "Josh Kardon, who chairs Clinton's Oregon steering committee, said Obama's big rallies were generic road shows that had little to do with Oregon.

    'Sen. Obama came to the state and did a great job of being a rock star,' said Kardon, chief of staff to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. 'But mostly he gave us that great stump speech of his he's used in over 40 states.'

    'I think you'll see more listening and more interaction during Sen. Clinton's visit," he added. "I think you will see her drill down a bit more on Oregon issues while she is here. . . . We want to give people something that is less canned, so that people can see how Sen. Clinton thinks, how she approaches issues.'

    Obama is more than a rock star phenomenon. If they hadn't said the tickets were sold out, he could have filled the Rose Garden or Civic Stadium, two weeks ago, Friday. Whe I arrived at 6:50 am, there were already 10,000 people waiting patiently for admission in front of Memorial Coloseum. It was the most diverse crowd in age, gender and race. I have been very active in Democratic politics in the last several years. These folks are for the most part new troops to political activity, and they were excited to be there, long before Governor Richardson and Senator Obaba arrive.

    A week later, at Obama's Oregon Headquarters, on 30th and Division, was a kickoff meeting followed by a neighborhood canvas. The only way I found out about it was to stop at there earlier in the week. 700 people came, a few were diehard Democratic Party workers, but most I have never seen before. And, they lined up fifteen deep after the speeches, at the tables to get out and canvass. Wow!

    Hillary's choice of high school gyms is telling. She can't fill a basketball arena, or afford the distemper that might erupt in a larger crowd.

    She is playing the game, just as George Bush did, when he flew into town during John Kerry's 35,000 people on the Portland waterfront rally, and sucked away the national press coverage, with an invitation only appearance at a Beaverton area high school.

    The pictures look the same.

    There is a way the Democrats can lose this, and it is to nominate Hillary and disaffect all the energy of the Obama campaign.

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