McCain Voters' Guide media round up

A partial list of McCain Voters' Guide coverage:

From The Oregonian:

The Oregon secretary of state's office will post its Voters' Pamphlet to the May 20 primary election online this week, but it appears Sen. John McCain's campaign has skipped the chance to include a statement explaining why the likely Republican nominee should become president.

A version of the guide posted on the secretary of state's Web site (, shows no statement from any Republican presidential candidate.

The omission has liberal bloggers chatting.

The McCain campaign did not respond to calls and e-mails from The Oregonian on Sunday. Brianne Hyder, spokeswoman for the Oregon Republican Party, said she couldn't comment on behalf of the McCain campaign because she didn't know the details.

"The Voters' Pamphlet is very well read and used by voters. It's very popular," said John Lindback, who runs the state Elections Division.


  • Harry (unverified)

    A dumb move on McCain's part, but hardly worth much coverage.

    McCain will be on the ballot in November. He will also be in the Voters Guide, when a vote for McCain REALLY matters in Nov 08, not in May 08.

    Until then, everybody is watching the mud wrestling between Obama and Hillary. Who has time to read the silly Voters Guide?

  • KCA (unverified)
    <h2>I'm getting more amusement out of Clinton's HEAVILY airbrushed photo. Apparenty she doesn't want the impression of age to go along with her contention of experience!</h2>
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