Oklahoma's Jim Inhofe. Not as smart as Steve Novick.

A Novick supporter, blogger Terry Olson takes issue with Steve Novick's assertion at the City Club debate (video here) that "every member of the U.S. Senate's mind is as quick as mine..."

There Novick goes too far. If elected, Novick will be serving with the likes of Oklahoma's Sen. James Inhofe who once claimed that global warming was a "hoax". I'm pretty certain that Inhofe's mind is not nearly as quick as Steve Novick's.

Of course, that's a good thing, according to Olson:

I want the person I send to the Senate to be smarter than I am. I believe that intelligence, combined with bedrock progressive values and a willingness to speak out on important issues, is a virtue in politics. Likability, politeness and tempered speech don't rank high on my list of desirable traits in politicians. ... That's why I have two Novick signs in my front garden.

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