Oregon AFL-CIO issues 2008 primary endorsements

Today, the Oregon AFL-CIO announced its complete slate of endorsements for the 2008 election cycle. From their statement:

"Each of these candidates has a record of advocacy for working families in Oregon," said Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain. "Their commitment to creating a more prosperous Oregon--from the creation of more living-wage jobs to protecting pensions and making healthcare more accessible and affordable to everyone--will have an enduring impact on our state, its workers and our economy."

Here's the Oregon AFL-CIO's endorsements in the competitive primary races:

US Senate: Jeff Merkley

US House, OR-5: Kurt Schrader

Attorney General: John Kroger

SD-23 (NE Portland): Jackie Dingfelder

HD-45 (NE Portland): Michael Dembrow

HD-49 (Gresham): Nick Kahl

What about the competitive primaries where no one was endorsed? From the statement:

For those districts in which an endorsement is not listed, either a decision was made not to endorse any candidate for the primary election or candidates in that district elected not to complete the Oregon AFL-CIO endorsement questionnaire prior to the date endorsement decisions were made by the Oregon AFL-CIO's Committee on Political Education (COPE). In order to qualify for endorsement, candidates must complete a questionnaire and receive the support of two-thirds of the COPE board, which is made up of representatives from all of the unions affiliated with the Oregon AFL-CIO.

On the jump, the full list of 2008 primary endorsements...

Oregon House of Representatives

State Representative Peter Buckley (D), House District 5
State Representative Paul Holvey (D), House District 8
State Representative Arnie Roblan (D), House District 9
State Representative Jean Cowan (D), House District 10
State Representative Phil Barnhart (D), House District 11
State Representative Terry Beyer (D), House District 12
State Representative Nancy Nathanson (D), House District 13
State Representative Sara Gelser (D), House District 16
State Representative Brian Clem (D), House District 21
State Representative Betty Komp (D), House District 22
State Representative Tobias Read (D), House District 27
State Representative Jeff Barker (D), House District 28
State Representative David Edwards (D), House District 30
State Representative Brad Witt (D), House District 31
State Representative Mitch Greenlick (D), House District 33
State Representative Suzanne Bonamici (D), House District 34
State Representative Larry Galizio (D), House District 35
State Representative Mary Nolan (D), House District 36
State Representative Dave Hunt (D), House District 40
State Representative Carolyn Tomei (D), House District 41
State Representative Chip Shields (D), House District 43
State Representative Tina Kotek (D), House District 44
Michael Dembrow (D), House District 45
State Representative Ben Cannon (D), House District 46
Jefferson Smith (D), House District 47
State Representative Mike Schaufler (D), House District 48
Nick Kahl (D), House District 49
Greg Mathews (D), House District 50

Oregon State Senate
State Senator Laurie Monnes-Anderson (D), Senate District 25
State Senator Joanne Verger (D), Senate District 5
State Senator Mark Hass (D), Senate District 14
State Representative Diane Rosenbaum (D), Senate District 21
State Representative Jackie Dingfelder (D), Senate District 23

Statewide Offices
John Kroger, Oregon Attorney General
State Senator Ben Westlund, Oregon State Treasurer

United States House of Representatives
Congressman David Wu (D), District 1
Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D), District 3
Congressman Peter DeFazio (D), District 4
State Senator Kurt Schrader (D), District 5

United States Senate
State Representative Jeff Merkley (D)

  • Becky (unverified)

    All progressive Democrats - right on Big Labor!!!

  • (Show?)

    Hey, Republicans are free to vote pro-working families anytime and get the AFL-CIO endorsement. I believe the Oregon AFL-CIO endorsed a bunch of R's in 2006. I guess they didn't earn the endorsement again -- but they (R's)can step up anytime. Ultimately, happy workers are productive workers.

  • (Show?)


    No, they didn't endorse a bunch of Republicans in 2006. Here's the list.

    You're probably thinking of some other union.

    Full disclosure: My firm built the website for the Oregon AFL-CIO but I speak only for myself.

  • Megaphone Crooner (unverified)

    The Dembrow endorsement in HD 45 is huge! It's yet another major progressive group that has thrown its support behind him. Can you say "momentum"?

  • (Show?)

    Kari, that list from 2006 includes four Republicans -- Bob Jenson, Frank Morse, Scott Bruun and ... argh, seems like there was one more. What the heck. I've looked at it too many times.

  • (Show?)

    Fair enough. I guess we're arguing about the meaning of the word "bunch".

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