Secretary of State Debate - Closing video

T.A. Barnhart

The Democratic PCPs (precinct committee people) of precinct 1013 (NW Portland) sponsored a debate between the remaining three candidates for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State on Saturday. State Senators Vicki Walker, Rick Metsger and Kate Brown spoke to a packed house at Friendly House in NW Portland for over an hour, answering questions about voting integrity, the land board and more. The candidates stuck to the issues — mostly. There were a few slight digs — Walker poking at Brown being supported by "special interests" and Brown replying that groups like Planned Parenthood and Basic Rights Oregon were "just special" — but the three colleagues were focused on sharing their views on the issues.

This was a great event, and it was accomplished not by any major organizations or media group but by local grassroots activists. Dave Jackson, one of the organizers, was very pleased with the event, as was KC Hanson, Multnomah County Dems Chair:

What's great is that an event that is planned well can draw some of the top politicians and candidates to almost any neighborhood and present citizens with a close-up view, and chat, with our state's leaders. The previous week, PCPs in District 42 held a debate among the Democrats running for that seat; again, a full house attended a great local event.

Expect more events in the future, and not just during elections. Town halls during legislative sessions, issue-oriented events and more: Citizens are going to be deciding who they want to hear from and about what. And in this coming era of progressive politics, the politicians are going to respond — or get shown the door.

See the closing comments of all three candidates after the break.

(In order of speaking at the event.)

State Sen Vicki Walker

Walker's website

State Sen Rick Metsger

Metsger's website

State Sen Kate Brown

Brown's website

(No bragging about the video; I'm just learning the ropes. But I gotta say: Love me my iMovie! And Laura Calvo's camera. But I gots to figure out how save decent vids without having the top of their dang heads cropped. Maybe lose the 16:9.)

  • LT (unverified)

    Good for Vicki!

    Not who has raised the most money, but who has the ideas.

    I saw the candidates at the Polk Dems meeting, and Vicki talked about issues relating to Sec. of State that no one else talked about.

  • JHL (unverified)

    I can't believe Brown talked about those ethics laws... the lobby LOVED the ethics laws that they passed in 2007!!! They didn't address campaign contributions at all (they couldn't, after all)... all they did was tell the lobbyists to stop buying lunch for the legislators, and that was just fine for the lobby of course.

    Don't confuse those ethics rules for campaign finance reform.

  • (Show?)

    As a PCP in Precinct 1013, I wanted to highlight the efforts of my fellow PCPs Bill Harris, Sam Blackman, Keith Dubanevich, Sandy Baker, Trudie Brooks, Mike Kennedy, Lurelle Robbins, John Adams and Paul Terdal in putting this event together. I hope I am not forgetting anyone!


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    <h2>and it's impossible not to mention how crucial the support and leadership of KC Hanson, Chair of the Mult Dems, is. she and the rest of the leadership at Mult Dems (including moi, the Historian and Michael Moore wannabe) are working hard to help Dems around the county put on their own events, develop local resources, and make grassroots activism a reality and not a talking point. look for these kinds of events to expand (and my video skills, i hope, to improve.)</h2>

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