Three open seats on the Multnomah County Commission

Endorsement season has begun at the Oregonian. On Sunday, some of the earliest endorsements came in the three races for Multnomah County Commission - where all three seats up this year are open races. In 2006, when the other two county seats were won by newcomers Jeff Cogen and Ted Wheeler. In the space of just two years, the entire county commission will have been replaced.


Here's a detailed map of the county districts.

In District 1, the O endorsed Deborah Kafoury, a former state legislator and Democratic leader, who faces "token opposition."

In District 4, the O endorsed Carla Piluso, currently the police chief in Gresham - over three other candidates:

Piluso's police experience gives her the edge. She has the expertise not only to help the county open the mothballed Wapato Jail, but to sharp-pencil safety-net services.

In District 3, the O endorsed Rob Milesnick, who works as a legislative advocate for ODS Health Plans.

The toughest choice, by far, faces voters in District 3, covering Southeast Portland, where there are five serious candidates. Roy Burkett, 55, who has a background in the ministry and in electronics, held his own in a previous try for the county board.

Bruce Barclay, 55, a former appraiser, works in the county assessor's office and has some intriguing ideas about collecting property taxes. Impressively, instead of paying a fee, he obtained 500 signatures to get on the ballot.

The two most experienced candidates are Mike Delman, 51, public affairs director for the Portland Habilitation Center, a nonprofit that trains the disabled; and Judy Shiprack, 57, a former legislator with a lengthy resume of public service in law, housing and public safety. But the polished Milesnick would bring new energy and a fresh approach. It's telling that he earned endorsements from former county Chair Bev Stein and former Gov. Barbara Roberts.

Here's the Willamette Week endorsement interview of the District 3 candidates:

Read the rest of the Oregonian endorsement. Discuss.

  • Damon (unverified)

    Judy Shiprack's official website was not listed under her name in the above blog.

    Shiprack for County Commissioner.

  • (Show?)

    And Mike's is

    I always find the Big O endorsements curious. They give precisely the same reasons for endorsing one candidate in one race (fresh, new) as they do for not endorsing another candidate in a different race (inexperienced). Mike's endorsements include folks with a LOT of county experience, including:

    Former Multnomah County Chair Don Clark Former Multnomah County Executive Dennis Buchanan Former Multnomah County Commissioner Gary Hansen Former Multnomah County Commissioner Sharron Kelley Former Multnomah County Commissioner Rick Bauman Former Multnomah County Chair Hank Miggins

  • Michael O Hanna (unverified)

    Even though AFSCME has not always seen eye to eye with The Oregonian, I am pleased to see that their endorsements were exactly the same as those of our members from AFSCME Local 88 - Multnomah County Employees Union. Our endorsement process--which was completed earlier this year--is a lengthy and democratic one, and in the end our members voted to endorse Deborah Kafoury, Rob Milesnick and Carla Piluso. Our members took their votes very seriously, because their jobs and the services that Multnomah County provides to the citizens are at stake. We weighed the pros and cons of each candidate, and feel that these 3 candidates will bring the right mix of hard work, intelligence, maturity, experience, problem solving skills, creativity and fresh ideas to complement the leadership of Ted Wheeler and Jeff Cogen and lead Multnomah County to a brighter future.

    Michael O Hanna - Political Action Chair AFSCME Local 88

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    Ok, so today around 4 I received an e-mail from the Multnomah Democrats stating there will be endorsement meetings coming up for Portland mayor and commissioners and the County Commission.

    <h2>One is in 3 days and the other in 5 days. Wow, what notice.</h2>
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