DeFazio Endorses Obama

Yesterday night, Congressman Peter DeFazio endorsed Barack Obama, becoming the third US Representative from Oregon to do so.

From the Oregonian:

On Thursday night, Rep. Peter DeFazio became Oregon's third Democratic congressman to endorse Sen.Barack Obama, putting the Illinois politician one delegate closer to the presidential nomination.

DeFazio said that Obama, who will begin a two-day campaign trip to the state this morning, "represents our best chance of winning in November."

"We must not allow Senator McCain to continue the failures of the Bush foreign policy, war in Iraq and disastrous economic policies," DeFazio added.

Sen. Ron Wyden is the last Democrat in the delegation to remain neutral. He has said he won't take sides until after Oregon's May 20 primary, although his chief of staff, Josh Kardon, is heading Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign in Oregon.

Reps. Earl Blumenauer and David Wu had earlier endorsed Obama while Gov. Ted Kulongoski and Rep. Darlene Hooley had endorsed Clinton. All these elected officials are superdelegates who automatically attend the Democratic convention and can vote for whomever they want.

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  • John (unverified)

    Hillary must get out of the race now to save her face and the Clinton legacy! No more unnecessary distractions and divisions within the Democratic Party. Sorry Hillary, the delegate maths is just against you!

  • Chris (unverified)

    Kulongoski must really want that job Hillary promised.

  • (Show?)

    Not only is this exciting Oregon news, Congressman DeFazio's announcement represents a major milestone in the campaign. With DeFazio's support, Obama now leads Clinton in superdelegates. From ABC:

    ABC News' Karen Travers Reports: For the first time this campaign season, Barack Obama has surpassed Hillary Clinton's support among superdelegates, according to the ABC News delegate estimate. Sen. Obama, D-Ill., picked up two superdelegates this morning giving him a new metric to tout in addition to his current commanding leads in pledged delegates, popular votes, states won, and money raised. Rep. Donald Payne, D-N.J., switched his endorsement from Clinton to Obama and Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., endorsed Obama. DeFazio was previously uncommitted. With these endorsements, Obama has the support of 267 superdelegates and Clinton has 265 superdelegates.

    Thank you, Congressman! This news also represents perhaps the most damaging repudiation of Clinton's gas tax pandering yet.

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    Hillary Clinton needs to start worrying if she can even keep her seat as a senator from NY. The NY Times takes her to task for her racist remarks in WV. She's unravelling and $20 in debt now. Time for her to be shown to the door.

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    Make that $20 million in debt, money borrowed from herself.

  • Alberto Borges (unverified)

    Hillary Clinton will be our next president.

    Hillary is the best candidate for Oregon .

    Latinos for Hillary


  • Matthew Sutton (unverified)

    Thank you Congressman DeFazio!!

  • KJBEugene (unverified)

    Yeah, Alberto, just as soon as that unicorn shows up.

    Very happy to hear about DeFazio. I've always been happy that my Congressman is one of the good ones, and I'm glad to see him standing up here. I'll be very happy to be voting for both him and Obama this fall.

  • sjl (unverified)

    DeFazio would rather support someone who knows nothing about Oregon and who believes that the "Great Lakes" are here than support someone who understands the issues and attempts to resolve the problems considering all factors. Sorry Defazio is a fool, Oregonians are smarter than this, at least we used to be. The one thing obama has is the mass marketing con the media has perpetrated on all of us and it is a shame people don't learn from the past.

    Hillary has devoted her entire life to public service and changing the directions and lives of the American people and our country and is the only one who can go in on day one and address our needs and redirect the disaster we are in.

    The pundits and the media claim to have taken a role here that is not theirs, they have shown that they think they are the almighty powerful in directing the outcome of this primary election, and it is quite disturbing, what is also disturbing is the vitriol my fellow Democrats have taken, since last year, against Hillary the personal character assassination coming from the obama camp and supporters, the race card that he played after he lost NH (and he is the one that played it) and the lies and distortions of what she has said and done.

    People this isn't over Hillary will win the popular vote ad MI & FL will have to be counted in this nominating process, there is no if ands and buts about it. The rules and bylaws committee went way above and beyond their role in stripping them of 100% of their delegates, when the rules only required 50%, the obama supporters schemed on this and now look at the disenfranchisement that is happening, obama refused the revotes that the DNC accepted last month, why? Because he is rigging this as he did in Chicago against his mentor when running for the state senate.

    Fellow Oregonians' stop being "hoodwinked" and "bamboozled" by obama and he media, what exactly has he accomplished in his life that would lead you to believe that he has the qualifications to do the toughest job in the world? He can unify? sorry he has no record of anything remotely closely to this, Hillary does. Do the right thing Vote for Hillary.

  • ducknow (unverified)

    Do you really think that the Senator from ILLINOIS doesn't know where the Great Lakes (which he sees every day out his window in Chicago) are? Your smear is not only inaccurate, it is laughable.

  • Blake C Hickman (unverified)

    hey sjl - heres a great website for fellow Hilary supporters:

  • backbeat (unverified)

    Thank you so very very much Congressman!

    Obama is sure brave going into the belly of the white working class beast today - my home county - Linn. Not only does it only have 1/2% blacks, but only 12.1% have attended college, as compared to 25% statewide. So I applaud you for going to Linn County today, Senator Obama.

  • Opinionated (unverified)

    It would be foolish to assume Hillary will give up the fight this easily. She is going all the way to the end with this campaign.

  • Lani (unverified)

    Given the horrific way Hillary's managed her campaign and finances, I'm glad she has no shot at winning the nomination. She started out center stage in EVERY SINGLE DEBATE, she had more free air time than any other Democratic candidate, she was the media-annointed candidate expected to win Feb 5.

    Instead, she started a steady stream of losses halted by the media's non-stop Wright-baiting of Obama.

    Today Obama has the majority of delegates, states, and popular vote--it no longer matters if you count Florida where she won 49% of the vote or Michigan where Obama wasn't on the ballot and she lost 40% of the vote.

    On May 20th, Obama will have the majority of elected delegates and the automatic support of the Super Delegates pledged to support the candidate the Democratic membership voted for.

  • Scott Rice (unverified)

    As the national spotlight briefly turns on Oregon, I would like to challenge both candidates to make two campaign stops that would have more meaning than stopping to sip one of our famous microbrews.

    Oregonians are proud to be national leaders in social experimentation. Our bottle bill, unique aid in dying legislation, green building, etc. show that Oregonians are not shy to tackle social issues in a home grown fashion.

    With the current economic situation, homelessness is deepening across the USA. Here in Portland we have two national role model homeless programs worthy of your attention. A visit would show concern for this growing national problem.

    Dignity Village is a “transitional campground” (tent city) just minutes from the Portland Airport.

    Sisters of the Road are a barter system café addressing much more than hunger in Portland’s street population.

    At both of these places they will find homeless registered voters who are active in the politics of change in their community. I hope one or both will find the courage to visit.

  • (Show?)

    Hillary Clinton 2008 = Ralph Nader 2000?

    It's sad to see a great public servant do to her reputation and legacy what Clinton is currently doing to hers through her Ahab-like pursuit of the impossible.

    Obama is a highly qualified candidate and the super-delegates will not override the popular vote to install Clinton in his place.

    Other than trying to recoop her own money by plying her supporters to give up theirs, there is no rational reason for Senator Clinton to remain in this race.

    She needs to quit while she still has her dignity and the party can still rebuild its unity; and I invite her to look to Ralph Nader's current reputation if she has any further doubts about getting out now.

  • Kay (unverified)

    If MI and FL are counted, it still won't matter.

  • liberalincarnate (unverified)

    Alberto needs to get into rehab. I am betting that after May 20th he will be singing one of two tunes:

    "Hillary will be our next President"


    "I am voting for McCain."

    Any liberal and progressive that insists on voting for McCain over Obama was never a liberal or progressive to begin with.

  • RichW (unverified)

    Apparently Obama gained another 9 superdelegates today.

    The only reason a true progressive would vote for McCain would be out of a spiteful bruised ego.

    I WAS for Hillary early on but "flip-flopped" after hearing the Obama message.

    Remember that McCain has already promised to nominate SCOTUS judge along the same lines as Bush did. Don't spite your own face if you are truly a progressive.

  • Factcheck2 (unverified)

    HEY FOLKS - there's more to this election than meets the eye. Get the facts before you eat the mushrooms. The following article has tons of links and many unreported but huge revelations about who's behind the Obama candidacy. Trust me, it's not Obama Girl. If you can share this piece with other folks, that would be great. The mainstream media certainly isn't on top of it. All the best from a friend in San Francisco.

  • Garrett (unverified)

    This just in from Hillary supporters everywhere,


  • DE (unverified)

    I am an Obama supporter, but I think Hillary needs to stay in until June 3. If she were to drop out tomorrow and go on to win or grab a significant vote in WV, KY or PR, it would be a crappy way to start off Barack Obama's general election candidacy. They need to demonstrate peace for a few weeks in order for her to exit gracefully. I hope I don't have to eat my words, but I don't think she can do him or the party harm now the way the press is writing the race. She could hurt herself with bitter behavior, but the last few days look like she's smarter than that (with the exception of the "white voters" comment.

  • naschkatzehussein (unverified)

    I just want the race decided before Clinton can go before the rules committee and try to change the goalposts yet one more time. That means OR on May 20 with a little help from the superdelegates.

  • DH (unverified)

    Factcheck, Albert, Sjl: Pack your bags and head to the coast with Katy, Chris and Sandra. Try Oceanside. They have a fantastic restaurant, coffee shop, beautiful panoramic views and mercifully, no wi-fi reception.

    Where will Obama be the evening of May 20th ??

  • (Show?)

    i have no problems with Hillary campaigning as long as she sticks to the issues. her use of racist arguments is grotesque, and it's great to see Obama just ignore her and campaign against McCain. he's stuck pretty well to the high road most of the way, and now he can remain there. he's sewn things up. when Oregon gives him 55-60% of our vote on the 20th, the SDs will ratify this sucker and we can move on with what's important: stomping McNasty and the GOP.

  • Bill Bodden (unverified)
    <h2>One encouraging aspect of the Obama campaign is that Obama is promoting the concept of change in the way America does business. Another, and perhaps greater, cause for optimism is that a large segment of the people want change. If we are to have change the people will need to ensure that Obama continues to get the message they believe in his promises of change and they expect him to live up to them - stated or implied. He already has hooks from corporations connected to him. The people need to do what they can to make sure he doesn't become owned completely by Wall Street, the military-industrial complex and their ilk and that he has some power to do what the people want and need.</h2>
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