Have you voted yet?

If you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for? Are you just procrastinating - or still making up your mind?


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    Went out whenever the postman picked up my mail Monday morning.

    Obama Merkley Brown Macpherson Hobbs

  • Katy (unverified)

    It may be silly, but I just like voting on election day.

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    If you feel like doing the full monty you can still go down to your local elections office and vote the old-fashioned way.

    As much as I like the vote-by-mail system, I can easily understand a certain nostalgia for the traditional way of doing it.

  • Jonathan (unverified)

    I try to vote early so that the campaigns don't waist resources calling me as part of their GOTV. I mailed mine the day I got it. Obama, Novick, Kroger

  • Marshall Collins (unverified)

    I voted my ballot the day I got it and dropped it in an elections drop box on my way to work the next day. Obama, Novick(toughest decision), Kroger (2nd toughest decision), and Walker.

  • stan (unverified)

    Mailed mine on Tuesday. Obama, Merkley, G Mac, Walker

  • Paul (unverified)

    I am definitely voting time for Obama and Kroger. Merkley v. Novick is killing me. Does anyone think that Novick's irreverent manner (which I like in a lot of ways) will hurt in either the general election or as a Senator? Is anyone really hard set against Merkley, or do they just like Novick better?

  • Bob S. (unverified)

    I don't know if I trust the postal system with my ballot. I'll drop it off at the county elections office. Obama, NOVICK, Brown, Macpherson

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    Just my personal, biased opinion here...

    Smith has consistently done well presenting himself as a nice guy. While it's not impossible that Novick's acidic style could work against Smith, at this point all arrows point towards it being a liability rather than an asset.

    Where IMHO Novick would shine would be in Congress where his style would both fit in and would be more effective.

    Oregonians have more or less voted as the rest of America and looked for more civil personality traits in Senators than in members of Congress. Civility, of course, is not synonymous with passivity or being wimpy, as the example of Senator Mark Hatfield demonstrated in spades.

  • ericb (unverified)

    There isn't a poll category for me. Not voting...


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    Voted Tuesday. I usually vote the same day the ballot comes, but this year was a little different.

    The Senate race was probably the easiest decision (for me). I was very very happy to vote for Steve Novick. Merkley's been a decent legislator, but I don't see him presenting Smith with a strong enough challenge.

  • iwmpb (unverified)

    It may be silly, but I just like voting on election day.

    I don't think it's silly at all . . . I always wait until election day and actually drop off my ballot.

  • Kate (unverified)

    I usually vote as soon as I get my ballot, but this year I am torn on the Senate race, so I've been holding off, but I'm slowly making up my mind. Kevin, thanks for letting me know you can still vote the old fashioned way! I've always wanted to try it, maybe I will this year.

  • Eric Miller (unverified)

    I'm: 100% Obama 100% Kroger 70% Brown 100% Kopel-Bailey

    The Merkley-Novick decision is where I'm undecided and will wait until the very last minute to learn more.

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    So BleuO readers are about 7x the pace of the rest of the state in turning ballots in, it appears...

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    I haven't had a free moment since my ballot arrived, but we're going to spend some quality time together this weekend. Maybe when I'm nice and liquored up from FredFest and watching the Timbers game. I've already decided on all the major races though: Obama, Novick, Kroger, Walker, Jules. I think I've got the more local races figured out too, but it always seems like there's some soil and water conservation position or something I've never heard of.

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    It may be silly, but I just like voting on election day.

    If you vote on election day, you will need to drop it off at the county elections office. Postmarks don't count -- it needs to arrive by the 20th.

  • exxonmobil4prez (unverified)

    Dropped it off this morning.. obama kroger novick brown

  • Bert Lowry (unverified)

    It seems alot of people have the same problem I do. I can't decide between Novick and Merkley. I like them both.

    I already voted. But I'm not conifdent I made the right choice for U.S. Senator. Every other race was pretty easy.

  • Never give up (unverified)

    In the spirit of the Clinton campaign, I've cast the following votes:

    McGovern for President (I think he might still be able to catch Nixon...I don't trust that Nixon fellow).

    Attorney General: William U'Ren

    U.S. Senator: Wayne Morse

    Secretary of State: Tom McCall

    I realize it doesn't look too promising for any of my choices, but apparently tis the political season to ignore reality.

  • Miles (unverified)

    I, too, usually drop my ballot off at a ballot box on election day. I don't think I've ever changed my mind in the last two weeks, but I like having the option.

    Oregonians have more or less voted as the rest of America and looked for more civil personality traits in Senators than in members of Congress.

    Keving, I'm doing my best to not turn this post into yet another Merkley/Novick debate, so let me take this on a macro-level. Do you think the Senate is more civil because Americans elect Senators who look and sound like Senators? Or is it the institution itself that tames them?

    My money's on the latter.

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    I got my ballot the very first day they were out, and I voted it while waiting at my daughter's school for the class to come out with the teacher (she's in kindergarten and we live too close for bus service).

    I haven't sealed it and I still have it here, though, as we're trying to fill up as many of the PCP slots through write-in as possible. We only had 1 person on the ballot for my precinct, and only a handful for the entire district. Republicans had more than twenty (I saw the ballot since my husband got his old R ballot and his new D ballot), including Karen Minnis.

    I voted Obama, Novick, Brown, Kroger, Kahl (HD 49).

  • Eric Parker (unverified)

    Sent it as I got it. Left a lot of those unopposed ones blank, though. I also left blank those races that either had every candidate who I felt were too just too uptight to vote for or had candidates that, no matter who I would vote for, will just screw us all over eventually.

  • DW (unverified)

    Got my ballot. Haven't voted yet, but plan to as soon as I make up my mind on the PDX city council races. Any thoughts?

    Decided votes:

    Clinton Merkley Metsger Macpherson Adams

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    Personally, I'm supporting Amanda Fritz and Nick Fish for the city council. Both are candidates I've supported in past races, and I'm once again encouraging everyone I know in Portland to vote for them.

    Disclaimer: I built Nick Fish's web site, but I speak only for myself and not the campaign.

  • Ms Mel Harmon (unverified)

    Voted the day I got the ballot--dropped it at the Library Ballot-Box:

    Obama Novick Walker Kroger Kahl (HD49)

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    I've still got to mull over the local races, and there are a bunch. Thank goodness for a cell phone, though; I haven't gotten a single political call begging for my vote.

  • Gregory (unverified)

    I wait till the last day to prevent any mis-votes for drop-outs.





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    For me, it was:

    Obama, Merkley, Kroger, Brown.

    And on a purely personal note, my wife, Lupita's mother, passed away unexpectedly last Sunday. She called our house, told my 10 year old son she was dying, and promptly did so before the paramedics arrived.

    Given the season, we didn't expect any candidate to show. But one did: John Kroger. We asked him why the heck he was at the funeral instead of out campaigning, and he told us "I have my priorities straight".

    I'd be disappointed but OK with any of my other choices not making it. But I swear, I'd give my left arm to see Mr. Kroger elected to Attorney General.

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    Steven Maurer:

    I'm so sorry to hear about Lupita's mother. Your family has my condolences.

    I'm not surprised to hear that Kroger made it to the funeral - he's that kind of guy. It may be something bred into us in the South (Kroger and I are both from the Houston area). Funerals always took precedence over most everything else when I was growing up.

  • Sid Anderson (unverified)

    The stamp is on and it's going out in Saturday's mail: Obama Novick Kroger Walker Adams (pdx-mayoral)

    By the way the post office WILL deliver your ballot if you forget the extra 1 cent stamp required as of 5.12.08

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    Waiting to vote with my Hillsboro family on Sunday but it will be: Obama Novick Kroger Brown Adams Branam Fish

    I want to vote TODAY because Hillary said that Barack can't get the "Hard working white vote." She keeps making it hard to like her and it feels more and more personal every time the Clintons say more things like that. Ouch, Hill.

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    Steve, I'm very sorry to hear about Lupita's mother.

  • mrfearless47 (unverified)

    Mailed mine off today:

    Clinton Novick Kroger Garrett Walker No No No Marks

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    I want to vote TODAY because Hillary said that Barack can't get the "Hard working white vote."

    As a hard working person who is about as white as they come, I am really tired of her saying stuff like that.

  • Daniel Spiro (unverified)

    Fence Sitters --

    Here's some advice.

    1. Don't try to psych out the "electability" issue. Intelligent arguments can be made for both in that regard, and you probably know that, which is why you're on the fence. Vote for the guy who you think we most need in Washington. If you do, others will probably think the same thing you're thinking, and the next thing you know, you will have stumbled upon the most electable candidate.

    2. Don't pay attention to negative campaigning on either side. Nobody is perfect, and drudging up all the examples of that is a waste. Barack is right about that. We need a new kind of politics that focuses on the positive traits that politicians bring, not all the stupid comments they make, the nasty people they know, or the weasel-worded resolutions they help pass.

    3. For me, the nation needs a Novick infinitely more than a Merkley. This isn't an insult to Merkley, who has been a fine legislator. He figures to be a solid Senator. But we have plenty of solid Senators, and taken together, the whole is MUCH less than the sum of the parts. Just look at our "Democratic" Congress and their inability to get anything done, even when Bush supported them (as with the immigration bill). We need people like Novick who will speak loudly, courageously, and honestly. We need to shake things up a bit. Right now, we have a zillion Merkleys in Congress and precious few Novicks (Wellstone was one, but he's no longer with us). Now is the time to add one of the latter. Oregon will be so proud if it does.

    4. Have faith that whoever you vote for, he'll be elected in November. But don't stop with your faith. Work hard to make it happen. I plan on flying cross country next week to join you guys in Oregon, a state in which I've spent maybe one week during my entire life. (I must say, I loved it both times I visited though. You can't beat the Pacific Northwest!)

    Good luck with your decision.

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    Steven, I am very sorry about Lupita's mother. How awful for all of you, especially your son. And good for John for showing up.

    My mind is more or less made up except potentially the county races.

    I was going to wait till the last minute to vote because I was hung up on the Presidential but I have a business trip next week and I need to be sure and vote before I leave, so Novick and Kroger will still get my vote even if my plane crashes. So I just forced myself to decide (gas tax holiday proposal was v. helpful, although I will always love Hillary Clinton and it's still quite painful to not vote for her).

    Obama Novick Kroger Brown


    Chris Smith Nick Fish


    I think I know how I'm voting for Multnomah county commissioner, but I want to make sure. I'll seal my ballot this weekend.

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    "The full monty...." It's a new slant on voting the old fashioned way, but I like it! ROFLOL

    But I much prefer the new way of sitting at the kitchen table, carefully going through the ballot with the voters pamphet in front of me. Here's a site with the cumulative percentage of votes that have come in to date: http://www.oregonvotes.org/may202008/cum.pdf

  • 18yearoldwithanopinion (unverified)

    I disagree with Daniel Spiro’s main premise for supporting Novick. I think we actually have too many Novick’s in the U.S. senate, people who go to the senate talking big about how they are going to change everything but end up failing. I look at Merkley and see a guy who has an extremely impressive record getting things DONE in a legislature unlike Novick. I really hope will run for elected office in another year for another office. I like Novick but worry that he will just be another senator who talks big but is unable to walk the walk.

    To stay true to the topic here is the list of people I voted for:

    Clinton (starting to wonder if I made mistake but not sure, I like both Clinton and Obama) Merkley Kroger Brown (2nd toughest race for me, I was for Avakian but when he dropped out I struggled to decide between Brown and Walker)

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    I couldn't agree more, Bill. I truly believe that Oregonians are better informed voters precisely because we have the luxery of pouring over the choices and claims and Googling any or all of it if that's what we want to do before filling in the oval.

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    <h2>Steve, my condolences -- telling about John Kroger, since it clearly meant much to you & your family.</h2>

    Buttons above don't reflect what I did -- which was drop it in a library drop box a couple of days ago. Said I mailed it, but that's a lie. :-> I like the feel of the ballot box, but once my ballot's in, the junk mail quotient goes way down. If election day were a holiday, I wouldn't mind going back to a single day w/polling places for the civic culture aspects.

    What did people think of the ballot measures? I voted no on forfeiture, but yes on the others & now wonder if I was snookered. Happens often enough.


    Abstained in the PDX mayoral race. Nick Fish & Amanda Fritz for Council. And Randy Leonard.

    Judy Shiprack MultCo Commissioner.

    Joe Walsh for congress because I was so pissed about the House leadership charades over the war supplemental the day I voted -- possibly a variant argument for Miles' point of view, though the way things are going I may be p.o.'d over it all over again May 20. :-> Earl won't miss my vote.

    Obama (anti-"obliterator") Novick Kroger Walker Rosenbaum Tomei

  • Rose Wilde (unverified)

    I wish I could say that I voted right away to save the campaigns' resources, but really it was so I wouldn't have to keep getting calls at home.

    Obama (even though Hill beats him on health care, O wins in ability to pull nation back together again - key) Novick (sorry friends, I just like a maverick with the right beliefs) Kroger (sweet guy with a big brain) Walker (sign of a Lane County voter more than rejection of Brown, who I think will be swell, too -- but she didn't nail Goldsmith and Vicki has me forever for doing that)

    And I'm still canvassing like crazy for local candidates: Rob Handy Kitty Piercy Andrea Ortiz

    and No No No

    Down with the crappy voter's pamphlet!!! If I could tell what these measures actually meant I might have supported them ('cept forfeiture, which smells like corruption), but I don't trust our local rag that said vote "yes" and why change the constitution if we aren't going to do it to get kids insured?

    By the way, who says political volunteering doesn't have its rewards? I got offered tickets to the Eugene Obama rally because I'm phone banking Monday nights for SEIU. I got to do some calls in support of Kahl and so I'm glad to see some nods for him here.

    Wear sunscreen and get on the local canvass circuit this weekend BO -- we need to keep building a bank of locally grown progressives in Oregon. Nothing like cutting your teeth locally to prepare for prime time.

  • Daniel Spiro (unverified)

    18 year old with an opinion posted:

    "I think we actually have too many Novick’s in the U.S. senate, people who go to the senate talking big about how they are going to change everything but end up failing."

    I would love for you to identify who the other Novicks are in the U.S. Senate. You can't possibly mean that all candidates who talk when they are campaigning like they're going to change things are worthy of a comparison to Novick. Because if that were the case, then ALL politicians -- successful and unsuccessful -- would be like Novick.

    The U.S. Senate is composed of people who have never shown the independence, courage, candor and authenticity of a Steve Novick. If you know of exceptions to that statement, please tell me, as I always have room for a new political hero or two.

  • KJBEugene (unverified)

    Obama Merkley Brown Kroger Piercy (Eugene Mayor)

    I understand the appeal of someone like Novick; we all like the gut feeling of telling the bastards to go to Hell. Novick's great for motivating the base, but it's going to take a lot more than that to beat Smith. We're going to need to reach out to undecided voters and Republicans, and I'm worried that Novick's too abrasive to do that. He'd make a great mayor or city councilor, but Merkeley will play better statewide, and he has a great record to boot.

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    Everything I've heard and read just reinforces my sense that Novick would fit much better in the bombastic House of Representatives than in the Senate.

    Based just on style alone I think Merkley would struggle to be effective in the House and that Novick would struggle to be effective in the Senate. But Novick would shine in the House and Merkley will shine in the Senate.

    I'm dead serious. Novick should move a mile or two to the Westside and challenge Wu. As a long-time 1st District resident I'd choose Novick over Wu in a heartbeat!! And I know other Merkley supporters here in the 1st who would do the same and relish it!

  • Michael M. (unverified)

    I haven't finished looking up the court incumbents. I know it's probably silly, but I don't like to vote for people without at least a quick check on whether there's a reason I shouldn't. I figure if nothing jumps out from the first page or two of a Google search, then I'll fill in the dot. There are a lot of them!

    I'm also still undecided on Commissioner #2 (Fish or Middaugh) ... a little more reading required there, too. IMO, both would fine choices, but you can only vote for one, so...

    I have a non-partisan ballot. I plan on dropping it off at the library.

  • Paul (unverified)


    Your comments about house versus senate have been very interesting. I am curious, though, what exactly about each chamber makes you believe that different personalities work better in one versus the other. Now, if you are looking at who makes it into one versus the other, that strategy has both pluses and minuses. The first plus that comes to mind is that if your theory holds true for most states across a generation or more, then a strong history is behind it, and it is just a common voter preference. The downside is that you are voting based on other voter's past preferences. If we are looking to create real change, we MUST vote for the person who we believe will best represent our views and/or be the best legislator.

    If progressives are willing to sell out their vote to put the most "electable" person into the general, we will continue to 1) lose and 2) never see the change we so desperately need. This is honestly not a comment on either Merkley or Novick, but rather an observation of how fear of losing seems to lead to terrible compromises in the voting booth.

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    First of all, I don't know a single progressive who is willing to "sell out their vote to put the most "electable" person into the general." I certainly have not made that kind of calculation.

    Secondly, the House and the Senate have long had very different cultures. Given the large and growing disparity in sheer numbers between the two chambers, I have to believe that this plays a significant role in the different cultures. It takes more to stand out in a crowd of 435 than it does to stand out in a crowd of 100.

    Set the ideology aside and just look at style I think Novick is not unlike Tom DeLay. DeLay of course was a HUGELY successful Whip and I've always believed that his personal style played a big role in that.

    Remember when Dick Cheney dropped the F Bomb on the Senate floor and it created a huge outcry of protest? When was the last time there was anything even remotely similar to the F Bomb being dropped in the House? Never as far as I know, yet it has been dropped there too. The point being that I believe that most Americans have become used to the different cultures between the House and the Senate and to some degree they vote accordingly.

  • Paul (unverified)


    First, I agree there are significant differences in demeanor between the two chambers. Obviously, I must concede that affects one of my points: how effectively someone can legislate when they are elected. What I am taking away from what you are saying is that Novick, despite a great skill set, might not be particularly well-suited for the senate. Although I am not entirely convinced of that, I do see your point and it is a legitimate concern.

    The last point I'll make is a bit unrelated: I am, I dare say, giddy with excitement that a civil debate about what it really takes to make it in the senate can occur in this forum. I am happy to participate in a debate that can treat the candidates with respect while looking at them with a critical eye.

  • Djronan (unverified)

    Someone help me! I can't decide between Kroger and Macpherson.

    I don't really like the election being given to Macpherson. Okay, he's a "third-generation Oregonian," but I don't see him as strong enough on environmental polluters. Also, I am at an impasse with his "getting more done."

    Kroger has done a lot in terms of actually seeking out those that need prosecuting and prosecuting them. Obviously, Macpherson doesn't have this experience, but isn't experience in the courtroom somewhat needed?

    Also, can someone tell me what you think about Kroger's minimum sentences for rapists and murders?

    I really need to decide this race, it's driving me insane.

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    I voted for Kroger for a few reasons.

    One, I don't like the idea of the Attorney General job being passed down from one Stoel Rives partner to the next. It just seems wrong for one firm to own that job for so many years.

    Two, I like John a lot and think he's really smart, energetic, and lacking in potential conflicts of interest like those that attend any big firm partner.

    Three, I like John's ideas about drug treatment, environmental law enforcement, child support enforcement, etc.

    I don't agree with Kroger about everything but I think he will bring a fresh eye and a lot of vigor to the DoJ, and it's time for that.

    Also, frankly, I think it might be appropriate to punish Greg Macpherson for the loathsome ads he is running. They are beneath him.

  • Sherry (unverified)

    I don't know where to post this but if anyone is in East County and wants to hear John Kroger speak he will be at Wall St. Pizza (Main St./near Powell) in Gresham on Monday. The East Suburban Democrats have their monthly meeting there, 2nd Monday at 6pm. He will be there toward the end of the meeting tomorrow. Come on down! Thanks!

  • Robert G. Gourley (unverified)

    I voted and turned my ballot in the day I received it, but the poll did not allow for folks like me.

  • byard pidgeon (unverified)

    Damnit, something must be wrong with my eyes...I've looked over this ballot 20 times, and I still can't find Ralph Nader or John Edwards!!! Looks like I'll have to write one of them in.

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