In Lane County, progressives for Rob Handy hit the doorsteps

At the unofficial Lane County Bus Project blog, Rose Wilde reflects on going canvassing for County Commission candidate Rob Handy.

Lane County is on the verge of financial crisis, yet the voters’ rejection of any attempt at new taxes in spite of our extremely low tax base speaks a fundamental truth – Lane County voters are compassionate, but terribly mistrust our county government. They will not vote in a tax until the Commissioners regain their trust in how those taxes are spent.

The Progressives who care about social services, fair wages, human rights, and the environment cannot force the rest of the community to pay for those things (which they clearly do care about) until we help elect a man who has the time, patience, and heart to listen to his people and win their trust again. A man who has already knocked on 13,000 doors, with 700 individual donors, and over 200 volunteers.

That man is Rob Handy.

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