John Kroger tips his hat to Greg Macpherson

At yesterday's Democratic Party unity event, Oregon's next Attorney General - John Kroger - spoke about his primary rival - Greg Macpherson - and reminded all of us that the fight for the Legislature remains important in 2008.


  • Susan Shawn (unverified)

    We are so very lucky to have John Kroger here in Oregon, now as Attorney General. I recommend that everyone consider reading his new book, "Convictions" to understand where John is coming from, what he has accomplished so far in his life, his values and his inner compass of compassion, justice and action. Then let's get to work to make sure we have a strong Democratic presence in Salem for him, as well.

  • (Show?)

    Just before I left the Benson after Steve's great concession, I saw Kroger bound into the room. He was pumped definitely, but he had no time for talking about himself, he wanted to talk to Steve. I think that was pretty classy; he could have found him later and commiserated and simply enjoyed his own really big triumph upstairs. But he was thinking of Steve...which reminded me that I'd backed John as hard as Steve in spirit if not column inches, and so along with Obama I should be happy overall for the night.

    It helped. A little.

  • All Too Human or Not? (unverified)

    That speech reminds me why I would be a bad politician. There is no way in hell I could thank and honor Greg Macpherson after all those nasty attack ads. I would be nailing the election results to the front door of Mac's house. Although Mannix does not represent my political views, his sentiment towards his opponent seems more human.

  • John (unverified)

    Losing an election after you put your heart, soul and maybe some of your own money is really hard on a person. If you were a hardworking supporter, it isn't much better. And then when you are hurting, you are judged on how gracious you are about losing. We really should be grateful that some of us put ourselves through this crazy process. Want to do something really nice? Send a losing candidate a really nice thank you note/card a month after the election. You have no idea how good that can feel. To all who tried, but didn't win...thank you for running. It is appreciated.

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