McCain's Hidden Trouble Among Women

At P3, blogger Nothstine noted a poll commissioned by Planned Parenthood with findings that could spell big trouble for John McCain.

A just-released Peter Hart poll (pdf) for Planned Parenthood Action Fund outlined McCain's vulnerability in 16 "battleground" states for November, including Oregon....  When women actually hear his record on reproductive health, they start heading for the exits in substantial numbers.

He quotes some of the analysis from the poll:

In fact, about half of these pro-choice McCain voters (50% in a match-up against Obama and 52% in a match-up against Clinton) volunteer that they do not know enough to even describe McCain’s position on abortion and roughly another one in four (23% in either contest) mistakenly presume that he is in step with their own views.

The upshot is very bad news for McCain--and good news for Democrats:

The simple arithmetic of these findings suggests that just filling in McCain’s actual voting record and his publicly stated positions on a handful of key issues has the potential to diminish his total vote share among battleground women voters by about 17 to 20 percentage points in either match-up.

Discuss it over at P3.


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