Oh, to be a wedding planner

Karol Collymore

Ignoring all the bones in my typical snarky body, I love weddings. The outfits, the food, the wine and oh, the love. Despite all the up and downs of my own romance, I still revel in the celebrations of others. There is nothing quite like finding the person you love and knowing after all the crap, that boy or girl is your lobster. First, you want to scream it from the rooftops; then, you want to lock it in forever.

Now imagine being unable to do so and realizing that an entire segment of people spend their whole day trying to stop you. Trying to stop you because it's not "normal," "acceptable with Jesus" or disrupts "marriage between a man and woman." Yeah, because men and women get it right all the time. How many divorces over there, Oregon Family Council?

So, a champagne toast California. Thank you for allowing our GLBT brothers and sisters to having the right to do what us straights take for granted - marrying our lobster.

  • Katy (unverified)

    Here here!

  • Nick from Eugene (unverified)

    Yay for California...now I just need to get a boyfriend and move to California. Oregon, are we gonna let California show us up? I hope not.

  • Matt (unverified)

    Gay Marriage leads to only two things: fabulous wedding receptions and gay divorce. (j/k)

    Congratulations California!

  • ThinkAboutThis (unverified)

    From the NYT: "It was denounced by religious and conservative groups that promised to support an initiative proposed for the November ballot that would amend the California Constitution to ban same-sex marriages and overturn the decision."


    <h2>"Opponents said they expected the proposed ballot initiative, which has been submitted to election officials with more than one million signatures, to pass in November."</h2>

    John McCain would have been trounced in California, with all the Reagan conservatives not going to the polls. Hmmm, maybe now they will have a reason to go to the polls and vote for this ballot measure. When there, I wonder if they will vote for Obama or McCain?

    Maybe this will be a two-fer in California this November. And once the change to the CA constitution, what will the courts do then? About what the courts can do in Oregon, don't you think?

  • dinopdx (unverified)

    "And once the change to the CA constitution, what will the courts do then?"

    Simple, take away marriages away from heterosexual couples and give everyone civil unions. That's how the ban (if it passed) and the equal protection clause would work together. Think about that.

  • ThinkingEvenMore (unverified)

    Just like they did in Oregon, huh? Nobody gets married anymore, huh? Everbody has Civil Unions, huh?

  • (Show?)

    The Oregon courts haven't declared our (actually not "our" because I sure as heck didn't vote for it) amendment unconstitutional, so yes people still get married here.

    I feel a court case coming on.:)

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