Pro-Hillary 527 drops over $300k on Oregon ad

According to Talking Points Memo, the American Leadership Project - a 527 group supporting Hillary Clinton - has bought at least $300,000 (and up to $500,000) in television time in Oregon.

The American Leadership Project -- the big pro-Hillary 527 put together by major Hillary-backing unions and major donors -- is buying $300,000-$500,000 worth of TV time in Oregon for a new ad touting Hillary's record on the economy, I'm told.

Tellingly, the spot -- unlike past ALP-sponsored ads, which attacked Obama -- will be uniformly positive, with no mention at all of Obama or even any implicit contrast between his and Hillary's economic record. The ad will begin running today.

ALP's decision to go positive at this late date is significant. It suggests that ALP -- one of the top independent groups backing Hillary -- may recognize that the contest is all but decided and that there's no percentage in attacking Obama, something that could damage him in advance of the general election.

Here's the spot:


  • Scott D (unverified)

    This is a great ad. Hillary will make a great president!!!

    When the hell is Obama going to drop out of the race? He is untrusted by Americans and can't get enough delegates to win the nomination. He is a liar, shallow, phony, and racist.


  • true dat (unverified)

    More evidence to support the TPM theory on how over this really is from Mapes last night:

    "As Hillary Clinton gets ready for a return visit to Oregon on Friday - her third in the last six weeks - the signs are growing that she doesn't have big hopes out of this state. She was originally set to campaign here both Friday and Saturday, but the second day has been cancelled.

    As one source close to the Clinton campaign explained to me privately, "The only suspense in Oregon is whether Clinton will lose by more than 20."

    It's over.

  • Alberto Borges (unverified)

    Hillary will be our next president and she will take care of all American. Hillary will bring hope and prosperity to our nation.

    We Hillary as a president our nation will be in a good hands.

    God Bless Hillary Clinton.


    God Bless America.


  • Alberto Borges (unverified)

    Hillary will be better president than Obama.

    Obama is no ready yet. Obama won't wins the nomination.. Sorry

    I can't understand how many people can't see where the light come from.


  • Gary (unverified)

    According to CNN delegate counter, (If super delegates broke 50/50 for each):

    Clinton has to win every state that is left with more than 85% of the vote to win the nomination.

    Obama can lose in both Kentucky and Oregon (not likely) and will still pull enough delegates from them to bump him over the threshold to victory.

    I am not one of the people calling Clinton to drop out, and I didn’t care that Huckabee stayed in the Republican race long after McCain had locked up the nomination.

    So why has she changed her tune and not going negative? It’s called healing the party.

  • Bill Bodden (unverified)

    The unions involved in this now pointless ad could surely have found a better project for that money.

  • Garrett (unverified)

    When the hell is Obama going to drop out of the race? He is untrusted by Americans and can't get enough delegates to win the nomination. He is a liar, shallow, phony, and racist.


    Ladies and gentlemen...our delusional post of the day. Considering this was made at 3:32am I'll assume good ole Scott D. was drunk when he wrote this. It's pretty much the only thing that could explain calling the African American candidate the racist.

  • Those who forget history... (unverified)

    Mapes is either stupid or a liar, or perhaps a closet Clinton supporter since she does much better when everyone is apparently against her.

    The truth is, Obama is the McGovern of the 21st century, and he will crash and burn. It's just a matter of time. Democrats who are serious about winning in November see this.

    Especially with Bin Laden's recent threats re Palestine, in this global political environment, Americans will not vote for someone with little to no foreign policy experience, no matter how much of a war monger McCain is.

    I truly wish Obama supporters were not so blinded with passion for Obama and hatred for Hillary to look objectively at the November election. We really need to win.

  • DB (unverified)

    Garrett, I am an Obama supporter, but do you really think African Americans can't be racist? I'm sure crazy Scott is referring to Jeremiah Wright. If Wright is a racist, then Obama must be too, right? right?

    Scott and Alberto are clearly weird. Hopefully they'll come around soon.

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    God bless you, Alberto! You're a true blue Hillary supporter!

  • Blake C Hickman (unverified)

    I'm definitely looking forward to hearing what you guys will say next Tuesday.

  • joel dan walls (unverified)

    When the hell is Obama going to drop out of the race? He is untrusted by Americans and can't get enough delegates to win the nomination. He is a liar, shallow, phony, and racist.


    Hey Katy, if you're around, please note the above. As I mentioned in another thread, reconciliation is a two-way street. I'm not talking about dueling denunciations; I'm talking about everyone putting down the heated rhetoric and nastiness, taking responsibility for errors and insults, and working together for the greater good.

  • mkd (unverified)

    Those who forget history...

    The proper historical analogy is clearly Dean 04 = McGovern 72 (the fun thing about 04 is that we all got to find out what would have happened if Muskie had gotten the nod in 72...he would have lost to Nixon by 3 points).

    Going into 08, the clear historical analogy was 68- with Gore playing the role of Nixon, the narrowly defeated ex-VP to a wildly popular President returning after 8 years to win election when the other party got stuck in an unpopular foreign war.

    Now that Gore is out, 2008 has no clear historical precedent. We've got a black man and a woman as the frontrunners and all the major candidates are Senators (totally unprecedented).

    Say anything you want about Obama, but there is no way to pigeonhole him into some archetype. We have definitely gone off the map this year.

  • LiberalIncarnate (unverified)

    It is truly a sad state of affairs when Hillary supporters continue to play the race card against Obama.

    "He brought it up!", they say. No, he did not. Why would he want to remind the small, but significant minority of voters out there why they should never vote for a guy that is half black? Illogical! But, then again, we are dealing with delusional Hillary supporters.

    This farce that Obama will never reach "the magic number"... again, false. Once the deal is made to seat MI and FL, even IF they are seated according to Hillary's wishes this will put Obama over the top. Again, Hillary supporters are delusional.

    Asking a man to drop out that is ahead in the number of delegates, the number of super-delegates, the number of states won, the popular vote (this does not even count the popular vote in all of the caucus states) and the man that can bring out millions of new voters the likes of which have not been seen in several generations is delusional.

    Then again, we are dealing with a small minority of Hillary supporters that cannot simply support her, but must also deny reality at every turn. This is not only delusional, it is mentally ill.

    Here's my prediction: After May 20th when Obama wins Oregon this small minority will still be largely lost in their own delusion. Once Obama secures the nomination, you will still be delusional. After November, when Obama is our President elect, you will STILL... be delusional.

  • (Show?)

    When they started this 527 in early February I figured we were in for a slime blizzard. It is not, after all, a union org as was suggested above. The guys that started this org are old Clinton Warhorses that have been known to be pretty tough.

    As near as I can tell, they've conducted themselves pretty responsibly and I thank them for the tone they've taken.

    Could have been a lot worse.......

  • (Show?)

    You know, I'm not all that fond of Hillary, or of Barack Obama either, for that matter, but I certainly don't hate Hillary.

    What I do hate is how poisonous the two campaigns have allowed the politics of electability to become. And I do feel that the blame for this lies more heavily on the Clinton camp.

    Electability up to a point is a legitimate issue. Where it becomes illegitimate is when a campaign promotes lies, smears and distortions to make an opponent less electable.

    Somewhat murkier is when a campaign or candidate takes advantage of such stuff produced by others.

    There's been too much of a pattern of that.

    It's not fair to the millions of honest supporters of Hillary Clinton for positive reasons about why they think she'd make the best president.

    <h2>But their beef should be with those who introduced the hatefulness into the campaign.</h2>
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