Republicans endorse Sho Dozono, Amanda Fritz, Mike Delman

At his blog, Jack Bogdanski notes that the Multnomah County Republican Party has issued its endorsements in the city and county races.

See their full endorsement message here (pdf). Some excerpts below.

In the race for Portland mayor, the county Republicans endorsed Sho Dozono:

FOR MAYOR: SHO DOZONO A man of proven leadership in increasing society’s wealth. Sho is respected around the State. He creates jobs, met payrolls, saved schoolteacher jobs, and brought industry to Oregon. He has a sound plan for our future economy, a sensible attitude toward spending, a rational concern for housing working people in Portland and an understanding of the role of schools in Portland’s prosperity MCRP strongly endorses Sho.

We encourage CHRISTOPHER RICH and JEFF TAYLOR, both Republicans, to run for other offices. This is not their year for Mayor.

SAM ADAMS refused our invitation to interview with MCRP. His manager wrote: “There are a number of positions and values contained within” (the ORP platform) “that Sam disagrees with.” and, therefore, he declined to meet with us. ...

In the races for Multnomah County Commission, the county GOP endorsed Mike Delman for seat #3 and Ken Quinby for seat #4:

MIKE DELMAN presents a willingness to reduce the cost of County Government through audits of spending and competitive private-sector alternatives to county services. He says that he will defer light rail in favor of a new Sellwood Bridge. ...

KEN QUINBY’s sincerity and views on personal responsibility are attractive. Similarly, his hard line on holding expenditures and willingness to close the Sellwood give us confidence that he will not run from decisions.

In the race for Portland City Council, they endorsed Amanda Fritz:

AMANDA FRITZ is a citizen politician. She is willing to consider contrarian opinions. She says that she will suspend streetcar expansion in favor of an improved bus system. She will revisit the bio-fuels mandate and she believes that there is corruption in City government. We are concerned that she supports new street taxes without first bringing the outrageous cost of Sam Adams’ Dept. of Transportation to heel, but we like her uprightness.

On the jump, some amusing comments in races where they refused to endorse anyone...

In the race for Multnomah County Commision #1:

No endorsement. We thank DEBORAH KAFOURY for meeting with us to discuss issues. But we cannot endorse a celebrity of the State Political Cartel. She is a Big Government activist. We can only hope that she will remain open to discussions with MCRP after she gains office.

For Portland City Council #2:

No endorsement. Leading candidates are both big spenders.

For Metro:

Withhold votes. In our view METRO is a burdensome, expensive, additional layer of government which has produced little benefit to the citizenry. No candidate earns our support.

They also suggested that voters withhold their vote from Randy Leonard.

  • Peter Bray (unverified)

    Did they also endorse Merkley in the Dem Senate primary? Would make most sense for their candidate!

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    Since I sit on a Metro committee (on Citizen Involvement), I get to work with the Council on its public involvement. With that in mind, and knowing how hard the Council works on issues of sustainability and land-use planning, I find their classification of Metro's role to be downright insulting. But not surprising.

  • redcellpolitical (unverified)

    Ah yes Sho refuses to talk to them but Ron Saxton calls Sho one of his best friends. Its must be the secret Arlington Club handshake.

  • backbeat (unverified)

    Is Amanda a Republican?

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    Also, the Adams campaign has released a hard-hitting statement on this endorsement:

    “In every neighborhood, Democrats are passing out their party’s endorsement literature to voters, and at the top of the ticket is their sole endorsement of Sam Adams for Mayor,” said Jennifer Yocom, Adams’ campaign manager. “I believe that sole endorsement of Sho Dozono by the Republican Party – and his solicitation of that endorsement – shows a clear contrast between Mr. Dozono and Sam.” “Oregon used to have a strong tradition of progressive Republicans and I’m proud to have the support of icons of that age like Norma Paulus,” Sam Adams stated. “Sadly, today, this state’s Republican Party is controlled by the right wing. I’m proud to have the Democratic Party’s endorsement—the endorsement is recognition of the work that I’ve done in the progressive community and their support of my vision for Portland’s future for all people. ”

    His comments about the party are right-on. I wouldn't want the endorsement of a group that opposes choice, opposes basic rights, and is working is damndest to elect a man (McCain) who wants 100 more years in Iraq, zero healthcare reform, and has zero credibility on fiscal responsibility (Keating Five, anyone?)

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    the county GOP endorsed Mike Delman for seat #3

    Finally, a real endorsement for Mike Delman. He's had numerous political heavyweights ask him to stop falsely implying their endorsement, including several top unions, Gov. Kitzhaber, the county Dems, etc. I can't wait to see the photo of Delman with prominent Republicans on his web site.

  • Dennis Jaffe (unverified)

    As a lifelong Democrat and activist working to make both government and the political system more open, I am very impressed with Amanda Fritz, who's running for council position # 1.

    She strikes me as someone who is very committed to ensuring that the council and other decision-making bodies will reach out to inform citizens about the issues they are considering so that people can truly have impact before the decisions are made.

  • Garrett (unverified)

    Republicans endorsing Sho huh? Makes sense...morons endorsing morons.

  • Dennis Jaffe (unverified)


    Amanda is a registered Democrat -- and was endorsed by the Multnomah County Democratic Party.

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    Multnomah County Democratic Party bylaws require that any candidate seeking their endorsement (and obviously to receive it) must be a registered Democrat. Five of the six candidates for Position 1 received their endorsement. The one who did not receive it, is not a registered Democrat.

    For disclosure purposes: I am a volunteer staff member on Amanda's campaign and vice-chair of the Multnomah County Democratic GLBT Caucus. I represent myself.

  • MC (unverified)

    Why is there no post citing the one of the numerous articles about the Sauvie Island Bridge Relocation issue? Is that not political enough for Blue Oregon? Or is that it shines a bad light on Blue Oregon's candidate? This, whether you like it or not, has been a main difference of opinion between the top two candidates for mayor.

    I like this article:

    Pick your favorite news source and I'm sure they have a report/story on it.

  • James X. (unverified)

    MC, we do exist outside of BlueO. We've read about it. But not every development in Portland gets on a blog for Oregon Democrats.

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    It's simply amazing how much the Republicans in PDX just don't get it. The seething, narrow viewpoints expressed in their (anti-)endorsement statements show exactly how little room--none--there is for discussion of their platforms and political goals.

    I mean, honestly, is this the way any rational group would respond to a candidate who graciously took the time to meet with their irrelevant (in Multnomah Co.) organization: "But we cannot endorse a celebrity of the State Political Cartel. She is a Big Government activist. We can only hope that she will remain open to discussions with MCRP after she gains office." Yeah, lots of luck with that last part, MCRP. I'm sure she'll be returning your calls first thing every day...sheesh.

    I have new respect for Sam Adams after his statement; and who can blame him for not meeting with a group that basically sees his success as a sign of the apocalypse? I feel really bad for the other candidates for non-partisan offices who tried to do the right thing and meet with the MCRP out of respect for the nature of the offices they seek. But this should be a clear lesson for next time around: don't bother!

    And no, Amanda Fritz is NOT a Republican. Neither is Sho for that matter; he's to the right of Sam, but they're both solid Democrats.

  • Conana (unverified)

    For anyone that thinks these endorsements are OK I urge you to take a look at the Multnomah County Republicans' website.

    Now, do you still think its OK to be endorsed by the local GOP.

    For any progressive in Portland to be endorsed by these nuts is a kiss of death and shows a serious lack of judgment.

    As for Fritz being a Republican I know she is registered as a Democrat but if it quacks like a duck it usually is a duck. She get's endorsed by the Multnomah Republicans, her television commercial features prominent Republican Dave Lister and then yesterday she get's nailed on outsourcing her literature jobs which by the way focus on keeping Portland jobs from being outsourced. (see bojack for the unfolding scandal

    Hmmm outsourcing the very job that says you are against outsourcing?

    People think they know Fritz but the fact that she refuses to answer any position questions on the trail should raise red flags in itself. Add the outsourcing fiasco and she just lost my vote.

  • Tom Soppe (unverified)

    Makes me feel good about having already voted for Adams, Bissonnette, Shiprack, Leonard, and Middaugh.

  • jj (unverified)

    What a non-story.

    Is anyone here claiming that Dozono and Fritz are Republicans? That they agree with everything on the MGOP website?

  • Bert Lowry (unverified)

    I looked at the Multnomah Repbilcans site. I was hoping to find forthing-at-the-mouth anger, confused stupidity, etc. What I found was pretty innocuous actually. I even read some of the newletters and found them, well, boring but harmless.

    What did I miss? Where is the good nutty stuff?

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    I notice that over at Jack Bog's the troll who likes to lie about Amanda Fritz' work and her husband is at it again, claiming she is not a practicing R.N., in addition to making sexist comments about her pamphlet photographs.

    Just for the record, check out the OHSU Psychiatric Care Unit webpage if this jerk has raised any doubts.

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    Oh, and over at BoJack's, the Republican commenters are dissing Amanda Fritz because she used a union print shop. Going union's not quacking like a duck. Being a strong unionist is not quacking like a duck.

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    In a non-partisan race, it can be a good thing to have an endorsement from multiple parties. It shows that even though you may disagree on issues, they think you'd still be a good city council member.

    And when it comes to local office, there can be a lot of issues that are completely unrelated to the differences between the parties, such as repairing roads, adding and repairing sidewalks, ensuring that all neighborhoods in a city get treated equally, etc.

    When it comes to partisan politics, there is a lot that I disagree with prominent Republicans in my area, such as city council members and mayors. But once we get down to the local stuff - the stuff the city actually has control over - we find that we agree a lot. We think the police and emergency services depts need full funding. That there should be parks and recreation. That we need to take into consideration future transportation needs when growing our cities. This stuff isn't left or right. As the Bus Project likes to say, it's forward.

    Being endorsed by a group or getting high marks from them doesn't mean you agree with all their ideas. Governor Dean used to get high marks from the NRA. They said it was because they knew they could always sit down and talk to him, even if in the end he disagreed with them.

  • john (unverified)

    These postings are probably coming out of Sam's office.

  • faolan (unverified)

    Well this is distressing. Up until just now I had thought I was going to vote for Amanda Fritz. She seemed like a really good progressive. But her position on the streetcar and bio-fuels definitely worry me. This city needs more rail not less. and the bio-fuels is one of the things that I like the most about Randy Leonard. I wouldn't like to see the city use less bio-fuels.

  • Jeff (unverified)


    I half agree with you. But when your party platform includes getting rid of Metro, I have to wonder...

    There's a difference in subscribing to some republican values, which I do, or working with people of all stripes in a non-partisan council--and seeking the endorsement of the party--especially when Sho claims repeatedly that he's not seeking anyone's endorsement. Why show up for the interview? Disclaimer: I think Sam rocks.

  • Ted (unverified)

    It's really sad that the Democratic party and "progressives" in general have become so polarized--Obama or Hillary, Merkeley or Novick, etc. Now it's a case where anybody who picks up a Republican endorsement isn't Democratic enough.

    There are progressives who think that excessive debt is about as recessive as it gets. Thomas Jefferson would probably get bashed on BlueOregon if he were alive today for having those views. Some people are so turned around with Orwellian double-speak that they can't seem to think for themselves anymore.

  • Jeff (unverified)

    I agree with you that excessive debt is absolutely regressive. I think many Democrats agree with you. That is a conservative view, not a Republican one.

    And I think that it's a minority of folks who are polarized on primaries. A majority of folks--myself included--will support the nominees of our party.

    But I think that as voters, we've lost the ability to participate in rational discussions at the ballot box. Politicians use buzz words and simplified messages because that's what moves a majority of voters.

    Unless and until voters--not politicians--take it upon ourselves to engage each other in a more meaningful dialogue about issues, we will get more of the same.

    In this post's case, for me it's about the tone of the endorsement. This is not the language of a county party that respectfully disagrees with positions. It's the same language of division that you (and I) are rallying against.

  • Amanda Fritz (unverified)

    I am proud of having earned both the Democratic and Republican endorsements. Portlanders of all parties, and none, care about spending taxes wisely, providing city services fairly and efficiently, and treating each other with respect. I will help Portlanders avoid the divisive political scheming that also pits Eastside against Westside, business against workers, and City staff against the citizens they serve. As a publically funded candidate, I am in a unique position to focus on civic needs, creating a new way forward for Portland that transcends political labels.

    I could write at length about having been on strike for 56 days in 2001-2, marching in multiple demonstrations including May Day 2008, attending the Oregon AFL-CIO 2008 Convention as an Oregon Nurses Association delegate, serving on the Board of the Coalition for A Livable Future, co-founding the Tryon Creek Watershed Council, etc., etc. But I think the endorsement statement of one of my heroes is eloquent evidence of my record of actions over 22 years in Portland:

    "Amanda Fritz has been building relationships and bridges across communities for years. Portland needs elected leaders with integrity and the demonstrated ability and commitment to effectively address the needs of under served populations and communities. She will continue to be a unifying voice that honors the needs of all Portlanders." ~ Senator Avel Louise Gordly

  • Amanda Fritz (unverified)

    PS - faolan, I am calling for revisiting the City's biofuels policies. I will work with Commissioner Leonard to bring together a Task Force of both proponents and opponents, to review the latest research and evaluate whether our current approaches are heading in the right direction. See my blog posts on over the past 16 months - search for "Biofuels" in the left sidebar. Research from Oregon State University, Princeton, and elsewhere, over the past year, suggests that policies that seemed like a good idea may not in fact be sustainable. At the very least, the policy of burning corn-based fuels in our cars, while driving up the cost of food for hungry people, needs to be reviewed.

  • cindy (unverified)

    Let's be clear on this though. Fritz received the CO-ENDORSEMENT from the Mult. County Dems(along with four other candidates in her race) while she was the SINGLE AND ONLY ENDORSEMENT from the Republican Mult County party.

    Sam says it right in his press release why he refused to seek the endorsement of the Republicans.

    “Oregon used to have a strong tradition of progressive Republicans and I’m proud to have the support of icons of that age like Norma Paulus,” Sam Adams stated. “Sadly, today, this state’s Republican Party is controlled by the right wing. I’m proud to have the Democratic Party’s endorsement—the endorsement is recognition of the work that I’ve done in the progressive community and their support of my vision for Portland’s future for all people. ”

    I just don't think Fritz gets it. This is a Democratic town and the Democrats are mad as hell.

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    I just don't think Fritz gets it. This is a Democratic town and the Democrats are mad as hell.

    And people wonder why we are always being accused of living in a bubble. Protections against the "tyranny of the majority" are a founding principle of this country. So how is ignoring almost a full third of the electorate in this city going to benefit and improve it here? The ONLY thing that marginalizing will do is make US the target when the pendulum starts to swing again...and it will...for reasons exactly like this.

    The city of Portland would NEVER be able to function as a city should if the decision is made to devalue and ignore a sizeable piece of the citizenry. One of the points of a nonpartisan council is so that everyone has a seat at the table, so that an ideology that may be out of favor isn't excluded from decisions that will affect them. We can be angry all we want, but to decide that this gives us the right to get back at those who have angered us by excluding them, is not a right that we have.

    For disclosure purposes: I am a volunteer staff member on Amanda's campaign and vice-chair of the Multnomah County Democratic GLBT Caucus. I represent myself.


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