Steve Novick & Jeff Merkley at DPO Unity Event

This morning, at an event hosted by the Democratic Party of Oregon, Steve Novick and Jeff Merkley appeared together as a unified team to take on Gordon Smith.

Headlined by former governors Barbara Roberts and John Kitzhaber, the event also featured a number of other Democratic nominees and their primary opponents.


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    I certainly hope everyone listens to this.

    There are some funny parts - Governor Barbara Roberts saying that Novick came up just a little short in the primary, and Novick saying that he is paraphrasing one of the most popular commercials of this political season - that Democrats everywhere are uniting for change - including Steve Novick. But Novick also gives some good contrasts between Smith and Merkley and that Merkley will win in November.

    Novick's doing exactly what he told me he would more than a year ago when he decided to run and what he has said over and over again he'd do - support Merkley in any way he can.

    And I love what Merkley has to say about Novick.

  • Chris #12 (unverified)

    I thought I heard somewhere that Novick was a big hater, divider, and Democrat-basher.


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    Exceptionally classy statements by both men about each other.

    I wasn't surprised when Jeff called Steve back up onto the stage. That act of grace and respect was entirely consistent with the character I saw in Jeff last year when I had the opportunity to have an extended, candid one-on-one conversation with him.

    Gordon Smith is NOT going to be pleased when he views this footage. And we all know that he'll see it sooner or later and has probably already seen it by now.

  • naschkatzehussein (unverified)

    Would that Hillary Clinton emulate Steve Novick! I know, too much to ask for and too late for that matter.

  • Robert G. Gourley (unverified)

    Steve stands tall!

  • Novick partisan (unverified)

    It was Merkley that went negative on Steve, not vice versa. Steve was honorable from the start. I would feel better about Merkley if I thought he was 1/10 as honorable as Steve. I will vote for Merkley, but he will never get the bad taste of his negative attacks on Steve and his DSCC money out of my mouth.

  • Rulial (unverified)

    Awesome! We can (and should) join forces to win this election.

    I hope Novick runs for office again. Maybe he'll have a Merkley endorsement next time!

  • Pat Malach (unverified)

    "I wasn't surprised when Jeff called Steve back up onto the stage."

    Neither was I! That was the point of the whole excersize wasn't it: to provide a photo op with Merkley humping Novik's leg?

  • Ron Buel (unverified)

    Here's what I predict happens. Earl Blumenauer is named to the cabinet of President Obama. Steve Novick runs for Congress and wins.
    Not that I like the campaign Novick ran, not that I supported Novick. Not that I don't believe he's a Democrat basher, just slightly the smartest Democrat ever, at least in his own mind.
    He has acquitted himself as less than a sore loser, however. To his everlasting credit. And he'll be a better Congressman than he would ever have been a Senator.

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    Earl for DOT! Earl for DOT!! Earl for DOT!!!

    As Colbert would say, it's win-win-win!

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    It was Merkley that went negative on Steve, not vice versa.

    Oh, oh! I recognize this game!

    My turn, right?

    Um... okay...

    I'll see your assertion and raise you one that equally disregards the historical data: The Moon is made of green cheese.

    Is it recess time yet?

  • Pat Malach (unverified)

    "The Moon is made of green cheese."

    If Jeff Merkley's victory depended on it, I'm fairly certain Special K could convince himself that statement was true.

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    torridjoe: Earl for DOT! Earl for DOT!! Earl for DOT!!!

    I can only agree. Assuming Earl wanted that position - no pressure from me - I would love to see Steve Novick in that job.

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    Pat Malach: Merkley humping Novik's leg

    What a disgusting hate filled man you are.

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    He has acquitted himself as less than a sore loser, however. To his everlasting credit. And he'll be a better Congressman than he would ever have been a Senator.

    Long ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away wasn't that one of the ideas I heard floated along with a lot of Blumenaeur for Senate rhetoric?

    Go Steve!

    And yeah, the support is much appreciated.

  • Russell (unverified)

    So I'm going to argue against the whole Blumenauer Secretary of Transportation thing. As a representative Blumenauer is gaining more and more clout in the House. He's the leader of a decently large caucus (the bike caucus); he's also on two of the most sought after committees (Budget and Ways & means). It takes many years to get a rep into a position like he is in, especially from a state like Oregon (I love our state, but we're not exactly the heaviest of hitters). An appointment as Transportation Secretary is also a major position. I, however, would point out that Transportation Secretaries tend to have a very short lifespan. Norman Mineta , under president Bush, was the longest running Transportation Secretary at 5 years. Libby Dole and the two secretaries under Clinton held the position for four years. Most others held the position for two years or less.

    So to make a long story short (too late) Blumenauer would make an excellent Secretary of Transportation, but the move could prematurely end his career as a Congressman. To put in perspective, Blumenauer has severed for 12 years, while John Dingell (D-Michigan), Dean of the House, is serving his 52nd year in the House. Similarly, Senator Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia) is serving his 49th year in office. I would most definitely support a move to the Senate by Blumenauer, but it is my understanding that he feels he can effect enough change from where he is.

  • James X. (unverified)

    Who got a good handshake photo? I saw a flash, but the screen grab is pretty fuzzy.

  • Steve Maurer (unverified)

    Personally, I think Pat Malach is awesome. I'd like to have a beer with him.

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    I was there at PSU today. Exceptionally well-done.

  • LT (unverified)

    I agree with Ron Buel.

    Also, I think THIS is really funny:

    " Governor Barbara Roberts saying that Novick came up just a little short in the primary, "

    As a fellow short person (closer to Barbara's height) I think that is a great line.

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    Anyone who saw Steve's speech on Tuesday could not have been surprised that Steve performed admirably today. He is a highly principled individual.

    I heard that John Kroger kicked ass too. (Also not surprising.)

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    Posted by: torridjoe | May 22, 2008 8:07:22 PM Earl for DOT! Earl for DOT!! Earl for DOT!!!

    And with that we can finally start agreeing about things again. Furthermore, I will gladly second it with... Novick for Oregon-03...! When that happens.

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    I have to say that I'd love to have Novick as my representative in Congress. Although with redistricting coming and the potential for a new seat in the metro area, who knows what is going to happen. I may not even be in the 3rd CD once its done.

  • edison (unverified)

    Very nicely done, DPO! A united party is absolutely necessary. And I do hope this thread will be the last to contain sarcastic or denigrating comments about Steve Novick. Jeff won and Steve clearly is going to give his all to support him. His email made that perfectly clear even to the point of soliciting $$ for Jeff's campaign. So ... on to November, united!

    Beat Smith!

  • TroyB (unverified)

    I cannot wait for the chance to vote again for Steve Novick. If Earl got DOT that would be perfect.

  • Admiral Naismith (unverified)

    I thought Steve and Jeff were both great candidates, and I'd have gone to the mat for either of them. And in fact, I WILL go to the mat to see that Jeff gets a large margin in Lane County. My respect and admiration for both has grown during the primary. It's too bad we couldn't have 'em both as joint-Senator or something.

    They had a couple of rocky moments, but nothing compared to the Clinton-Obama campaign, for which I'm glad.

    Steve has endorsed Jeff and promises to help get him elected in November. I hope you all will, too.

  • Bushrod (unverified)

    Has Steve ever considered moving across the river? OR-1 deserves better representation.

  • j_luthergoober (unverified)

    This election pits a dullard against a dork. Thanks Chuck for condeming Oregonians to six more years of "moderation" by using your New York backroom DSCC financing to coronate a loser. Does New York State have anything to offer the American people?

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    Does New York State have anything to offer the American people?

    Well, I lived in New York State (NYC, actually Manhattan) for ten years and I'd have to offer a big YES to that. But Chuck Schumer is not what I had in mind.

  • trishka (unverified)

    stephanie, where & when did you live in manhattan? i was there from 1988-1992.

    also: yes to congressman novick! i would be sad that he's not my congressman, but having defazio stands as an good consolation prize. :)

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    Echo Bushrod. OR-1 could definitely use better representation.

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    hey trishka,

    I lived on 3rd Avenue near 78th Street from 1979-82, and on 84th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues from 1982-1990. Where were you?


    and for Kari, and anyone else interested, Steve's concession speech has now been posted in its entirety on his website. (It's in four chunks.)

    I just talked with Steve a few minutes ago. He sounded like his usual upbeat self. I told him I was grateful for the speech he had given, because the only reason I didn't cry was that I was too busy laughing.

    Thanks again, Steve.

  • trishka (unverified)

    stephanie, i was on 76th & second avenue from 1988-1990 and then moved downtown.

    we probably rode the 6 train together!

  • 18yearoldwithanopinion (unverified)

    Before we rush to get novick to replace Wu lets focus on Walden's seat. There's a chance that in two years Walden will run for Governor. If he does, we can with a well prepared candidate take his seat and even if he doesnt the seat can still be taken. I'm not sure Novick is the guy for that seat but hey it might be worth a try. Also while Wu hasnt been the best on the war, he has brought home a lot of funding for small business, education, and science.

  • Angela (unverified)

    As a native Oregonian, I've been watching this fight from Washington state with interest. This was really great to see and kudos to the DPO for hosting it and putting it here for us to see. I will be doing my part to support Jeff from here, and I hope to see Steve continue to play a role in Oregon politics. I am proud of Oregon Democrats!

  • LT (unverified)

    "I'm not sure Novick is the guy for that seat but hey it might be worth a try."

    The best way to answer that question is to look at the counties where Steve got 30-40%, the counties where Steve got over 40%, etc.

    Deschutes County 39%

    Jefferson County 37%

    Wasco County 36%

    Jackson County 34%

    Josephine County 28%

    Klamath County 27%

    The good folk of the 2nd Cong. District should choose their nominee, just as the good folk of the 4th Cong. District chose Peter DeFazio in 1986. I remember that year well. There were women outside the 4th District who really wanted to see a certain woman legislator get that nomination, but those actually registered in the 4th District saw Peter as better suited to the position. I'd say they were wise in that decision.

  • SuzanneDevlin (unverified)

    Personaltiy wise, I think Steve Novick would make a better congressman then a senator. Congress is a better stage for more vociferous and dramatic politicians where the senate tends to be more civil and low key. Also more boring from what I've seen when I've tuned into C-Span.

    Of course, my Rottweiler, Tina Turner would do a better job representing Oregon then has Gordon Smith.

    I still remember when Smith was running for the senate the first time and he had a huge sewage spill at his frozen food plant in Eastern Oregon. They had neglected the plumbing system and thousands of fish in a nearby creek died as a result.

    This was during the same period that Smith spent $1,000,000.00 on an antique golf putter.

    Senator Smith's priorities were just a little screwed up. Apparently, they still are..... judging by his voting record.

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