Obama: Country I love

Charlie Burr

Obama's first television spot of the general election campaign:


  • Steve (unverified)

    Nice, Hittin all the spots he should be hittin. Good ad.

  • (Show?)

    Awesome. We've finally figured out how to connect to people on a value level, instead of wonking out on policy. Beautiful ad.

    As McCain struggles with the difference between a beer and a bill, Obama glides. My fear is that the media will downplay McCain's verbal and mental slip-ups, as they fear it's ageist to point them out, while holding Obama to a higher standard (see Bush v. Gore).

  • Joba (unverified)

    Finally! A Democrat who loves America!

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    I agree that it's a great spot. The New York Times last year wrote a profile of David Axelrod ("Obama's Narrator") that highlighted how central Obama's story is to the campaign (and how many other campaigns tend to view bio spots as something of an afterthought).

  • joel dan walls (unverified)


    The House Democratice leadership has signed on to an extension of FISA with effective telecom immunity. THEY'VE CAPITULATED AGAIN TO BUSH. Obama needs to stand up and say bullshit to this! Call him and demand that he take a stand. The House will vote soon.

  • Chris #12 (unverified)

    Welfare to work? This, along with the story in Fortune about Obama's backtracking on NAFTA signal his move back to the right for the general. Que viva the status quo!

  • Peter Bray (unverified)


  • Peter Bray (unverified)

    By saying FISA, I dont mean to ask what IS IT... I mean to ASK, why is empty vessel Obama just sitting pretty and doing nothing about it? He IS the head of the democratic party now... stand up, man! We have had enough of hope, we need ACTION!

  • Gil Johnson (unverified)

    Good message, but he doesn't look quite right without a tie.

  • Emily (unverified)

    All Obama fans, please take a look at this: http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/06/21/obama-repeatedly-defecates-on-progressives-re-john-barrow-fisa-nafta-campaign-finance/

    In case you don’t want to read the whole article, here are some important points:

    "In an unusual move, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is backing U.S. Rep. John Barrow [of Georgia] in a contested primary election. "On July 15, Barrow, who is white, faces state Sen. Regina Thomas, who is black, in a Democratic primary likely to attract overwhelmingly black turnout.

    "The Savannah congressman supports policies such as the war in Iraq and President Bush’s tax cuts.

    "Rep. Barrow also fought hard to promote the Bush Administration’s domestic-spying programs and Telecom Amnesty (i.e., retroactive immunity for telecom companies that broke the law when helping the Bush Administration spy on Americans)…."


    "Obama decided to skip public financing — meaning he is free to raise as much private (e.g., corporate and lobbyist-tied) cash as he can.

    "Obama’s campaign is spinning this reversal of position as a declaration of “independence” from the broken campaign-finance system. No, I’m not kidding.

    "Yes, it is a bit like McDonalds trying to sell Big Macs as health food to kids during Saturday morning cartoons — or President Bush’s trying to sell the Iraq war as aimed at securing freedom for the Iraqi people.

    "Some progressive bloggers have already convinced themselves that Obama has done the right thing by opting out of public financing. Of course, those bloggers are simultaneously choosing to ignore the fact that Obama flat-out broke a promise to them."

    The majority of the superdelegates have endorsed Obama over Clinton, but an endorsement is not a vote. Obama was installed as the “presumptive” Democratic nominee via an unfair and undemocratic process. The superdelegates still have time to make the right choice in August: Hillary Clinton. ClintonDems.com is a great organization that promotes actions to make this happen.

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