DPO hits back at Smith on taxes

As Gordon Smith runs typical and boring ads misleading Oregon voters about Jeff Merkley's record on taxes, the Democratic Party of Oregon responds.

First, with a web video:

Second, with a new TV spot that started airing today:


  • Don (unverified)

    Cook upgrades this race to tossup:

    Quoth Jeff Mapes quoting Cook: "[T]he political climate may be Smith's real opponent, and Merkley is simply the personification of the challenge the Republican faces. Or to put it another way, Smith could run a flawless race against a weak opponent and still lose simply because of the political environment."

  • Ann (unverified)
    <h2>Love the ads. Haven't caught them on TV- That must be a problem, between DVR, HBO and cable channels, who do you reach with TV ads? The older folks that still watch local news? When the fall season starts, I guess more people watch networks.</h2>
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