Quick hit: Corey Pein hoes the weeds of wingnuttery

Carla Axtman

Over at Willamette Week, writer Corey Pein finds wingnuttery among the weeds while British Columbia attempts to curb global climate change:

The Canuck provincial government may be more ambitious than the Kulongoski administration when it comes to environmental policy, but it faces the same sort of batshit-crazy "criticism."

"Carbon tax, carbon smax," writes one commenter on the CBC site. "Sounds more like redistribution of wealth - communism not far behind." (Emphasis added.)

Right...because communism is really popular these days.

First it's the carbon tax, then it's the invading armies of the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Look out!

Hey Corey....email me. You can be my wing man at the next Americans For Prosperity meeting. In fact there's one in Beaverton on Monday night. We can get our batshit wingnuts on together!

  • Ed Bickford (unverified)

    I note the climate-change-denial gauntlet has been thrown down in their first posted comment:

    "Besides, there is no proof anthropogenic caused carbon dioxide emissions are actually causing a significant amount of the global warming."

    Not that I want to get in another flame-war over that...

  • Corey Pein (unverified)

    Beaverton, Monday night, Americans For Prosperity...Um...is it open bar? Otherwise I think I might have to wash my hair.

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