Denver: Pre-Convention Sunday Edition

Jeff Alworth

I have located a nice little cafe here on the 16th Avenue Mall, a pedestrial thoroughfare lively with convention-goers, drummers, Denverites, and cops.  Lots and lots of cops (more on that later).  I still feel a bit out of the loop--nothing's actually happening yet, and we're all just wandering around--but thanks to your guidance from the previous post, I did the poking around I could.  Consider this an ethnographic account of the day.

That's it for today.  Much more when things actually get rolling tomorrow.

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    I saw the protest, too, Jeff. Amazing how much the delegate were fascinated by the whole spectacle. Hell, we get that every weekend in Portland!

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    Glad to hear you are enjoying the pre-event, the week should be very exciting. Next time you are speaking with the Clinton delegates, after they chill you down with bitter replies, ask them if they are willing to let John McCain take the White House, rather than support the Democratic nominee? Ask them how many more Americans will die in Iraq, Iran and Lord knows where, how many more Americans will suffer at home from a continuation of failed and regressive Bush policies, and how can we sustain the economy while we continue to rack up debt with foreign nations and give tax breaks to the wealthiest 1%, all for spite? I'd vote for any Democratic nominee, even it was just the proverbial old yellow dog, rather than see McCain win -- even if that Democrat were not my first & favorite choice. You fall in love with your candidate in the primaries, you fall in line with the nominee in the general. Or everyone loses, and I don't think America can take another trip down Dubya Road in the GOP-mobile, especially with the horrible driver that would be at the wheel. Anyway, have a great time, and we'll look forward to your next posts. GG

  • ed (unverified)

    Check out Current TV's preconvention shows from Denver and Minneapolis



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    I second Glen's comments. Given the lack of ideological difference between Clinton and Obama, do her hardcore supporters at the convention, who after all are supposed to be Democratic party activists, believe that they should take the party down because their candidate lost? Try to find out the reason for their resistance to suppporting Obama at this point. Is it gender, race, or simply sour grapes? Yes styles are different and emphasis different, but come on. The delegates are not supposed to be party switchers.

  • LT (unverified)

    Anyone hear about or experience the tornado? I have relatives in the Denver area, and just got this email.

    "You may have just seen on the news about the tornado that hit Parker, CO, just within the last couple of hours. "

    It went on to say that they were on their way home from a weekend trip and didn't see it, but their house is north of Parker and their wedding reception had taken place in Parker (quite a country club it was in!).

    Having grown up in Michigan, I wouldn't wish a tornado on anyone.

  • jrw (unverified)

    L.T.--it may be very unlikely that anyone saw or heard about the tornado in downtown.

    One passed nearby during the World Science Fiction in Denver a couple of weeks ago. I was in the Convention Center and my DH was in the Marriott, and neither of us heard anything about it. I only heard about it because apparently the Hyatt Regency issued some sort of warning.

  • Matthew Sutton (unverified)

    Hey guys, I will keep an eye out for you!

    We arrived in Denver this evening and I have recorded my first blog entry at Oregon South for Barack Obama's group site you can access by clicking my name or here:

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    LT the weather swung south and east of the city. Origninally tlaking about tennis ball sized hail (!!), were early TV warnings telling people to take shelter, later downgraded to "only" 1 inch hail.

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    Hillary will release her delegates to Obama, first story on She'll have a reception with her delegates on Wednesday afternoon before the delegate vote that night. "The reception is an opportunity for Sen. Clinton to see her delegates -- many for the first time since the primaries ended -- thank them for their hard work and support and most importantly, to encourage them to support and work for Sen. Obama as strongly as she has, in order to elect him in November," Reines said." So let's lay off a little on the Clinton delegates. Imagine just for a moment that she had won the primary and, as an Obama delegate, you're constantly being told by Clinton supporters how you should be feeling. Clinton's candidacy was just as groundbreaking to millions of American's as was Obama's. It's tough to lose and after finding out that she wasn't even on Obama's short list for VP a lot of people are feeling pretty bad. I supported Clinton in the primary and I'll vote for Obama in the fall. Most Clinton supporters will do the same. Seems like it's time to stop pointing out the extreme cases and focus on the positive, for everyone's sake.

  • Jeff Alworth (unverified)

    There were dark clouds mounting off on the horizon (who knows WHICH horizon--I am totally at sea with directions), but nothing came of it. Very nice breeze this evening after a hot, sunny day.

    I should say that the cops were stellar. The situation was heated, and it would have only taken one wrong move for them to turn on a protester--LOTS of provocation. I understand it, because I have an instinctively negative reaction to guys in black riot gear and rifles. But the truth is, these are just guys trying to protect the potentially vulnerable situation from getting out of hand. Given how many conversations I've had with people (like me) who worry about someone trying to kill Obama, I have to say I find some comfort in their presence. They didn't do anything to justify the invective directed at them (recognizing I have zero history with the Denver PD).

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    There were dark clouds mounting off on the horizon (who knows WHICH horizon--I am totally at sea with directions)

    Jeff, look for mountains. When you see anything with any altitude - even little hills - you're looking west.

  • MrWebster (unverified)

    You know, the early primaries for me were a distant thunder as by the time we voted, well, the race for the Presidential candidate was over. Then wham, suddenly I had to really look into the candidates. And I chose Obama for one fundamental reason: he was driving turnout and that would be big in defeating Gordon Smith whoever me and the rest of the Dems chose to challenge him. I voted for Merkeley but would have gladly and without compuction voted for Steve Novick. If Novick won, he would be my candidate. And the same would have been true if Hillary won the nomination. Without compunction, Hillary.

    And then I read this story about Hillary supporters who are delegates to the goddamn NATIONAL CONVENTION having the absolute asshole bile to withhold their support for Obama???? Why are these people Democrats for chrisskae? Is this some game where you get to take your ball home anything you get upset??

    The general theme seems to be that these are people who are individually upset. They are ready to take down the party and the reaction is that they must be treated with kid gloves??

    I have come to the point where I blame Hillary. She could have shut down this type of bullshit when it was noted to be a problem.

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    <h2>Thank you Mr. Webster, that was exactly the type of positive attitude I was hoping for!</h2>

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