SEIU goes on the air with anti-Smith ad

Here's the latest independent-expenditure ad in the U.S. Senate race, this time from SEIU:


  • Unrepentant Liberal (unverified)

    Loved it! It's direct and to the point. It hits him in just the right places. Nobody, repub or Democrat wants a Senator that just cares about the corporations and fat cats.

  • Justa Dog (unverified)

    Nothing "independent" about unions - they own very Democrat - especially Senator Obama.

  • HillsDem (unverified)

    I hope this isn't the final product, the word 'for' is repeated in the graphic.

  • Scott in Damascus (unverified)

    Justa -

    Can you explain just exactly how unions "own" (e)very Democrat?

  • DE (unverified)

    I am so tired of watching incompetent political ads. SEIU should get their money back, but moreover, whoever approved it at SEIU should be replaced.

    PROOF-READ people!

  • (Show?)

    Updated: It appears that SEIU has updated their ad to fix the typo. I've just changed up the YouTube link above.

  • Mike Duff (unverified)

    The SEIU ad is to the point... the point I see is "link Smith to Bush as quickly and plainly as possible" I'm not a big Smith fan, But I do not care for Jeff M's positions on much of anything. The leadership of our state is in on the wrong track and has been for some time in my opinion. I would like a "change" but that is not to Obama and his followers. Merkley I believe is one of those who is a follower. When I hear folks like him say "I'm for change" I say "Me too". But quantify what "change" and how you "realisticly" are going to get there.

    That is my response here is my question;

    If Gordon Smith is SO bad, name three things he has done right.

    Support the troops that give you the freedom to express your opinion in this forum

    Support energy policy(offshore drilling and renewables)?

    And his rival Merkley, name three things he has done well?and would he support things to put Oregon on track?? or would he simply follow his party?

  • (Show?)

    Mike --

    You lose. You named exactly TWO things that you claim Gordon Smith has done right.

    Of course, one of those things you claim he supports -- offshore drilling -- he says he is actually opposed to.

    But let's actually dig in to your ACTUAL question. Rather than tell us what Gordon Smith "supports", tell us what he has actually DONE.

    What would you say are Gordon Smith's major accomplishments? I'm not talking about places where he was just one of 100 Senators voting on something -- I mean a place where he actually showed leadership, drove an agenda, convinced 50 other Senators to agree with his vision on something.

    <h2>Even if you grant Gordon Smith's assertion that he's a nice bipartisan fellow who works across party lines (and I don't, for the record) -- what has that accomplished? What has he DONE?</h2>
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