Thank you, Democrats

Karol Collymore

This evening, I was walking to a friend's house this evening down 20th Ave from NE Broadway to SE Division. Along this two mile stretch there were numerous Obama signs, some from the campaign and some homemade. There were crazy ones cut out of butcher paper and ones with funny sayings. I could believe how many homes had these signs, proudly beside their tomatoes, peppers or in windows. I admit that I cried a little on this walk, amazed how many of my neighbors have embraced this man in this town that's now my home.

Today is the day that Democrats across the county boldly brought our country to place that many people thought would never come: A person of color poised to lead the greatest nation in the world. It's pretty amazing.

I think about Black people - not so long ago - who were attacked with fire hoses, who were not allowed to go to school, who had to walk with their heads down when White people approached. I think even further back to Black people who were slaves. They were whipped, sold in public squares, separated from their children and scared into staying in a place where they felt there was no choice. I think about my own childhood where my mom wouldn't let me buy teen magazines because it sold a standard to which I couldn't live up. I think of discussions I have with friends of color and how we swap stories of crazy things that happen to us that make us wonder if it's just because of our race or gender. None of that is magically changed, but I feel like there has been a door opened that can never shut again.

So, thank you Democrats. Thank you.

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    I've been loving the marketing aspect of all this. Obama will charge for everything, (As far as we know) right up through election day. Bumper stickers, buttons, lapel pins, and yard signs all have a price and only large field signs will be strategically placed free of charge by Obama volunteers.

    Most campaigns call around for months wheedling sign locations, tending the signs, and dealing with significant others that "want that sign removed right now" and so on. So when you walk past an Obama yard sign, someone either ordered on-line or went to one of the Obama HQs and paid $8.00 for the privelege of installing their own sign.


    That's a level of enthusiasm that I've not seen since the late '60s.......

  • nuovorecord (unverified)
    <h2>Karol, it seems Portlanders are judging Obama by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. MLK Jr. must be smiling. I know I am. :)</h2>

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