Barbara Roberts: "These ads are simply lies."

The former governor, Barbara Roberts, takes Gordon Smith to task for his outrageous and misleading ads.


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    Love Barb, but she's carried away like some of the rest of it's a group whine.

  • SmithSucks (unverified)

    So when does Smith get nailed on the Klamath?

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    Hey Kari, when do we get a Troll Rate option around here?

  • Honest (unverified)

    So I read the story Jeff Mapes wrote on this, and it states that Merkley did vote against the two bills Smith mentions in his ad. So what is Barbara Roberts refering to when she says these are lies perpetuated by Smith?


    From the Story: Here's a quick look at the two issues.

    MANDATORY LIFE SENTENCES: In 1999, Merkley was one of only seven House members who opposed a bill requiring life sentences for repeat rapists and other serious sex offenders. The bill later died in the Senate. Merkley voted against the bill after supporting a minority report that would have called for life terms while also giving the option of parole after 30 years.

    Merkley aide Matt Canter said it makes sense to allow another look after 30 years. Inmates may be so old and frail that the state doesn't need to keep warehousing them.

    Smith spokeswoman Lindsay Gilbride said allowing for parole means it is not truly a life term. She says some offenders can be even more likely to commit sex crimes as they grow older.

    STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS: Merkley noted that he voted for a bill doubling the amount of time authorities have to bring charges in rape cases involving victims under 18. But he voted against the bill that ultimately passed in 2005, saying he was lodging a symbolic protest against "backroom deals" by the legislative leadership to determine which bills would advance at the end of the session.

    Canter noted that Merkley felt he could make his protest because he knew the bill had enough votes to pass. But Gilbride said voters don't want a senator who "chooses petty partisan politics" over siding with victims of rape.

  • anon (unverified)

    when do we get a Troll Rate option around here?

    When do we get the option to drop Torrid Joe through a trap door in the floor? He used to add something -- now his comments seem more nasty and less interesting all the time.

  • Honest (unverified)

    KGW also did a looks like Gordon may have gotten it half right.

  • genop (unverified)

    Smith's ad is deceptive in portraying Merkley as soft on sex criminals. Anyone who would rely on t.v. ads to inform their decision is already a Smith voter. The rest of us see the ad for what it is - desperation campaigning. His message reinforces our desire for change. Does anyone really think he will return here once we boot him?? The future will find Smith Frozen Foods on the market.

  • Honest (unverified)

    I agree genop, but the information I am speaking to is from Jeff Mapes' story and the KGW story. Mapes said he in fact did vote against those bills. The KGW reports he did vote against one of the two.

    Are there other bills that were passed when it comes to sex criminals that would disprove the idea that he is soft on sex criminals?

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    Anyone who would rely on t.v. ads to inform their decision is already a Smith voter.

    Nope. TV ads are still pretty important, especially to low-information, low-propensity voters -- which are just as likely to be our people as not.

    I remember 1988, when I was but a high school freshman. I said to my dad, "Anybody who's smart is going to vote for Mike Dukakis!" And he said, "Well, you've got 2%. Now what?"

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    Are there other bills that were passed when it comes to sex criminals that would disprove the idea that he is soft on sex criminals?

    Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously, Smith-Staffer, go troll somewhere else.

    Here's just a few of things that Speaker Merkley passed while leading the House Democrats first majority in 16 years.

    • The internet predator act
    • 100 new state troopers
    • 15 new forensic scientists
    • Guaranteed sexual assault victims access to emergency contraceptives
  • Pedro (unverified)

    Dear Barbara,

    You have been articulating my views on the issues for decades. Every time I see you on TV or hear you speak on the radio, I hear the very words I would like to have spoken myself. You are the best leader Oregon has ever had.

    Thank You.

    • Pedro -
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    Gordon Smith is loathsome, plain and simple.

    These ads are worse than lies: they are dishonest and misleading half-truths -- the toughest kind of dishonest ad to counter, because the explanation is always more complicated than the original (dishonest) message. McCain has been doing the same thing. Vile.

  • Unreal (unverified)

    The most embarassing part of this incident is watching Barbara Roberts cling to relevance in Oregon politics.


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    Stephanie V - this is exactly what I have been thinking! If you don't have a good record to run on, just throw out a bunch of stuff you know is confusing to voters and make your opponent spend his money trying to clarify a complex issue in a 30 second ad!

    Gordon Smith, having been a senator for 12 years and in the Oregon Senate before that, KNOWS how complex a vote can be. He knows legislators vote against bills sometimes because they know the bill will pass, but they disagree with the process.

  • LT (unverified)

    Unreal, you really are!

    Oregon's first woman Gov. has the right to speak out on any issue she chooses, just as a famous former Oregon female candidate for Gov. has the right to be involved in a ballot measure campaign.

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