Erickson, Schrader debate at Salem City Club

On Friday, six candidates for the 5th Congressional District debated at the Salem City Club - including Kurt Schrader (D) and Mike Erickson (R). Erickson's appearance was a late-breaking surprise, as he had previously failed to even bother returning a phone call from the debate sponsors.

OPB News did an extensive on-air report:

The Salem Statesman-Journal explained why Erickson finally decided to show up:

Erickson said afterward he had not realized the forum's prominence in the Mid-Valley and changed his mind Thursday night. "That's why I'm here," he said. "I changed my schedule to make sure it worked."

According to PolitickerOR, Kurt Schrader used his budget experience to tie the Iraq War to our education challenges:

Schrader told the audience of his hope to end the Iraq War in order to free up money to make their lives better at home. He told the crowd that he worked hard on the state level to improve alternative energy policy and education, and these were the exact same problems that needed to be fixed in Washington D.C.

“As your state senator, I was co-chair of the Ways and Means committee, and we emphasized education,” Schrader said. “The federal government only pays 19 percent of education costs. They only got there thanks to Darlene Hooley. But the Pell Grant program is anemic. Where’s the federal government, where’s money for the program? It’s in Iraq, it’s with Halliburton.”


  • Pedro (unverified)

    So is Havana Mike on the air with any ads yet?

    btw - I have not seen a soul at the Erickson Headquarters in Lake Oswego in several weeks. Is he still running?

    • Pedro -
  • Eric Zimmerman (unverified)

    The point Steve Novick makes here is true across other races in Oregon. I want to immediately mention Brent Barton running for the House District 51. He is also opposing a dangerous and unbelievably incompetent opponent, Rep. Linda Flores. Flores has had the advantage in the past of both heavily successful republican election years and the lack of a well known opponent. Barton has truly stepped up to meet our community and has a firm grasp of the values we hold in Clackamas county.

    This election cycle, send Kurt Shrader to Congress and Brent Barton to Salem to represent Clackamas and its neighbors the way we deserve.

  • Ole Barn (unverified)

    Mike Erickson's attempt to emulate the Republican slime machine has resulted in a feeble attempt to bring discredit to Kurt Schrader's need to juggle his tax expenses in order to continue in the farming business. First as a legislator then as a state senator Kurt Schrader has represented his constituents and a statesmanlike manner. His reputation is that of being forthright and honest.

    His opponent has no record of public service; therefore, we can only judge him based on his actions as related in the news media. As of today it is no contest.

    <h2>Schrader wins the Fifth Congressional District seat.</h2>
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