Gordon Smith in Minneapolis! The speech transcript...

Editor's note: The following remarks were prepared for delivery by Senator Gordon Smith at the Republican National Convention. (OK, technically speaking, they weren't. But these comments, compiled and arranged by the Jeff Merkley for U.S. Senate campaign, were all actually spoken by Gordon Smith.)

Thank you all so very much.[1] I'm very proud of you for being here. And I'm very grateful that you're here, because this event gives us a chance to come together.[2]

It's very meaningful to have African-Americans support me because I view them as God's children, too.[3]

The Democratic Party is not my constituency. These are people that believe in socialism. I don't.[4]

My campaign people will kill me for saying this but[5], President Bush has set our country on the course of recovery at home and strength abroad. We are safer today because this president has had the backbone to follow terrorism where terrorists are and go after them, and they have failed to strike us again on our own shores since 9-11.[6]

I believe when President Bush stood in front of "mission accomplished" on an aircraft carrier that, in purely military terms, the mission was accomplished.[7]

And I for one am thankful that we have a military as capable as this, and a commander in chief that had the courage not to listen to Hollywood, or the New York Times, or the French.[8]

It's not John Kerry's fault that he looks French.[9]

George Bush understands what creates opportunity in America.[10]

President Bush represents economic recovery and American leadership.[11]

And[12] I'm for John McCain. I'm in his kitchen cabinet. I'm one of six senators on his advisory committee.[13]

Thank you.[14]

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