"Gordon Smith, knock off this sleazy campaign"

With two new ads, the Jeff Merkley campaign has responded to Gordon Smith's latest desperation ads.


Broken Smith


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    This may end up the major turning point in this race. My mother is an old style Republican who didn't like Jeff's ads in the primary against Steve because they were too negative. She is really disgusted with Smith's ads and is now open to Jeff. This will also help bring some Democrats home to Jeff. Has Smith run any positive ads in this campaign that were not full of lies?

  • genop (unverified)

    Great ads, now I hope they are well publicized.

  • Dan (unverified)

    I'm no fan of Smith, but he was one of 5 senate Republicans who agreed to at least debate extending federal tax credits for renewable energy. So many Republican senators are in the hip pockets of the oil, gas, and coal industries. It makes me ill.

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    I wonder why the closing shots of Jeff are in B&W, tilting while zooming? Usually that is reserved to express discouraging, depressing evil-ness (remember the Riddler's lair was always slanted to suggest the twisted personality.) The closing shots should be in bright, cheery, colors to suggest renewal and freshness. Otherwise these spots are great.

    Oh, and Gordon Smith is a lying rat, or at the very least knowingly employs lying rats in his campaign, and approves the message. I guess that makes him a lying rat after all!

  • RebeccaWhetstine (unverified)

    Smith is either desperate OR completely insulated from reality. Three trash ads back to back? And one of them a new rendition of the Willie Horton angle.

    A watcher burst out, "Yah, that's right Mr. Smith, Merkely almost raped her, innit?"... and turned off the tube in disgust.

    The hotdog ad continues to draw disgusted hoots from teen age boys - if they can see thru it one hopes their parents can too?

    What an incredible waste of resource. WE are in a continual recession since 2000 and THIS is the tenor of an Oregon campaign? I am ashamed of my home state.

    And the fright of it is that this SOB has a track record of showing up for the job we hire him for. If we let Smith be reelected, he's gonna show up for a very high percentage of the votes. The genius behind this slime will be making your laws.

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