Gordon Smith: Palin has "right stuff"

Carla Axtman

Gordon Smith really seems to have trouble talking to voters when it isn't a canned TV ad. First was the bizarre and creepy "gay marriage is like polygamy" gaffe. And now here's Smith, telling us that Sarah Palin has "the right stuff"..?

What "right stuff" does he mean? Pro-choice (like most Oregonians)? Nope. Tells the truth about her positions? Not so much. The ability to speak to a mass audience and actually talk about something substantive? Not yet.

And what's with that weird head-cocking Smith is doing? Its bizarre. He's been Senator for 12 years, for crying out loud. Media training, anyone?

And fyi Senator Smith, I'm a mother and I don't "relate" to Sarah Palin at all. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I can't imagine dragging my family through the spotlight you've chosen. But that's a story for a different blog post.

  • Pedro (unverified)

    Poor Gordon...

    The wacko christian right has decreed: "Love Caribou Barbie" or else. So Smitty who is ducking both McCain and Bush 43 by not attending the convention and laying real low here in Oregon is now required to strongly support the Ex Mayor of Wassila.

    It must really suck to be an elephant this year eh Gordy?

    • Pedro -
  • Harry (unverified)

    Hey, Carla, thanks for finding Sen Smith... that poor Kevin guy is still searching.

    Hey, on a related note, Obama smoked Bill on FoxNews, didn't he? His answer on the surge was quite nuanced and well spoken. But he was very evasive when asked if he was actually wrong on voting against the surge. Kinda Bushesque in a wierd sorta way, don't you think?

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    Advice for Gov. Palin: Watch out for any nearby buses 'cause Gordo will toss you under the nearest one in a heartbeat if he thinks it'll help get him elected.

  • Jim (unverified)

    Gordo, how about Sarah's denial of man-made global warming, and her support of teaching of creationism in the schools? Maybe the both of you can appear at OSU - it would be great to bring your proud catch to meet Jane Lubchencko and others, and tell us how the world works.

  • George Seldes (unverified)

    Palin -- the head of America's own one true Welfare State, where the sturdy Libertarians who like to shoot wolves from the air get nice fat checks from the hated government.

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    Carla, that Reuters link is a gem. Saying one thing in Alaska and another in St. Paul -- now why does that sound familiar ... ?

  • Marion (unverified)

    Carla, clearly you don't understand that the "right stuff" in Smith's eyes consists of a vagina and uterus. End of story. All women are going to find Falin's reproductive "stuff" so compelling, that we won't have to tax our teeny little "lady brains" to analyze the impact of Falin's miserable policies on women.

    PS BTW, what's with all the empty cupboards and desks behind Gordo--is that where they have all their pro-family, pro-women policies and legislation?

  • tomw (unverified)

    I hate Smith as much as the next person, but doesn't this post seem just a bit contrived? Seems to me Smith does a simple, safe sound bite that commits him to nothing and can be read any way you want - absolutely typical Gordo.

    His nonverbals seem very run of the mill - self-assured, almost smug, and seemingly cooperative.

    There's a lot to hate about Smith, but let's not waste time on a plain vanilla response to a softball question.

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    Hate Smith? Not me. I've only met the guy once.

    I strongly disagree with his policies and he does a horrendous job of constituent relations--as well as representing Oregon with any semblance of the values of the vast majority of Oregonians.

    And yeah..this was a plain and borderline weird response to a softball question--that a veteran U.S. Senator ought to be able to handle.

    Seriously--shouldn't we be asking more from our representatives than what this guy is dishing out?

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    Maybe by "right stuff" he meant her tuna noodle casserole recipe...maybe he hopes to get invited over for some if they both win in November...just a guess, 'cause I can't figure out what the hell else it would be...

  • tomw (unverified)

    Agreed, but this seems like making a mountain out of a molehill, when there are so much more substantive problems with Smith.

    As our representative, where's he been on the problems that mean the most to us? MIA. Who's he listening to - not Oregonians. Who does he support - people Oregonians oppose. What specifically is he trying to do about any of Oregon's and the nation's problems?

    <h2>There are so many questions, so many weasel answers. Let's go there, where it matters.</h2>

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