New ads: Merkley takes on trade; and the DSCC hits Smith on Iraq

Jeff Merkley's latest ad in the U.S. Senate race:

And the latest one from the DSCC's independent expenditure team:


  • Chris #12 (unverified)

    I'm impressed. The fight against anti-worker free trade agrements (NAFTA, CAFTA, US-Colombia FTA, etc) is a very important issue to me, so I'm excited to see Merkley going there. I wish it had a few more specifics, but this is a great start. I have not been very enthusiastic about Merkley, but I might be able to come around. I also understand that Merkley has expressed support for the Trade Act--groundbreaking legislation that would begin to address some of the problems of our current trade regime.

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    I like the tone of this ad - Jeff Merkley looking directly (through the camera) to the voters and saying what he believes. I think it's a very effective ad and not at all negative (his second ad talking about what's right about Jeff, rather than what's wrong with his opponent).

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    I like the Merkley ad.

    I'd like the DSCC ad better if Obama were a real anti-war candidate. And if Chuck Schumer hadn't voted yes on the Iraq AUMF.

    Still, tying Smith to Bush is good. I also think we need to remember the Smith's first name is Republican and consistently call him Republican Gordon Smith, since he wants so badly to run away from his actual political identity.

  • Arthur Stamoulis (unverified)

    Merkley's full position on trade is available in a candidate questionnaire by the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign at:

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