OR-5: Kurt Schrader goes on the air

In the race for the 5th Congressional District, Kurt Schrader went on the air today with his first campaign ad of the fall season.

Visit KurtSchrader.com to learn more and join the campaign. Donate here to help keep this ad on the air.

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    What's not to like.

    The Man of the People, a veterinarian, wind turbines, The Farm a wry sense of humor that includes you in the joke, and most importantly Cute Doggies who are also in on the joke.

    You can't cram many more useful images into a thirty second spot. For a "positive ad" this is a good as it gets.

    Go get 'em Kurt........

  • Ernie D (unverified)

    I agree Pat. It's an excellent introductory ad. I just hope the Schrader campaign has other types ready to go after Erickson reaches into the gutter out of desperation.

  • Bob Tiernan (unverified)

    Considering that Erickson won't debate him, he ought to cut an ad similar to what Wellstone did when he ran against Rudy Boschwitz, with an aide filming Schraeder trying to locate Erickson for even a brief debate on the street or where ever he could be found.

    Bob Tiernan

  • Steve (unverified)

    Notice something interesting-Sshrader is running ads, Erickson has not run any ads for some time? I wonder if polling is telling Mike that he's throwing good money after bad... His website doesn't look like it's been updated for a long time either-the last "press" item is from April 17th, almost five months ago.

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