Schrader picks up endorsement from Sen. Frank Morse (R-Albany)

Amidst all the presidential debate chatter, a story that was missed on Friday...

On Friday, State Senator Frank Morse - a Republican from Albany, Oregon - endorsed Kurt Schrader's campaign for Congress.

From PolitickerOR:

“It’s a pretty easy call for me as a Republican to endorse Kurt Schrader,” Morse said at a press conference in the Oregon State Capitol. “I always like straight shooters, and that’s what I’ve found with Sen. Schrader. I don’t always agree with him, but I do trust him.”

In a follow-up item on PolitickerOR, Senator Morse spoke about the political implications:

State Sen. Frank Morse (R-Albany) said Thursday that his decision to endorse State Sen. Kurt Schrader (D-Canby) in the race for the 5th Congressional District race made many of the state’s Republican leaders upset.

“I told the folks at the central committee, and they were not happy. They were very unhappy,” Morse said at a press conference where he announced his support for Schrader, the Canby veterinarian. “Politically, it was a close call. But judgment-wise, it was not.” ...

As to whether the endorsement would have any effect on Morse when he runs for re-election in 2010, he said that factor did not have anything to do with his decision to endorse Schrader.

There's more over at Swing State Project.


  • Bill Hall (unverified)

    Kurt has also been endorsed by two well-respected Republican county commissioners, Mark Labhart of Tillamook County and Janet Carlson of Marion. Kurt was in Newport today for a League of Women Voters Forum and in Lincoln City for a fund-raiser for my re-election campaign as a Lincoln County Commissioner. He pointed out that the margin of his lead is still too close for comfort--he said recent polling showed 80 percent of the voters in this district don't know anything about Erickson or his positions. Despite Erickson's gift for shooting himself in the foot repeatedly, we still can't take this one for granted.

  • AJ526 (unverified)

    The effects on Morse's campaign won't matter because he's not running for re-election. You heard it here first.

    As a moderate-leaning Republican, I would probably vote for Schrader too if I was in his district. I do not like Mike Erickson, I think he is a dishonest candidate with a lack of ethics. A few months ago, I sent his a campaign an email asking him to drop out, and posted asking others to do the same. I would possibly support someone else, as Schrader also may have ethical issues, though as yet there is nothing solid.

    <h2>I do have a good Schrader story though: Once while at the capitol, I got sick and had to throw up (it was a day they had free food too:-( ). I had to let Sen. Schrader know that he shouldn't use the toilet I just hurled in.</h2>
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