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While we've all been watching the drama that is Gordon Smith's hiring practices at his frozen food plant, there's been lots more news in the Senate race. Here's a rundown of the latest quick hits:

  • DanOreong (unverified)

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    Full disclosure: My firm built Jeff Merkley's website, but I speak only for myself.

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    I know a lot of people who are itching to volunteer, to help the Democrats. I'm doing some voter reg for Obama, but have decided to put most of my efforts toward Merkley -- Obama is going to win here but the Merkley race is far more close.

    So, off to the office on Monday I go...who else?

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    Rasmussen has a voter ID screen that leans R and certainly doesn't take into account the 150,000 new Dem voters. That said, if they calculate it's even, it means Jeff may be ahead, and confirms the close race Benenson polling came up with. Smith has lost a double digit lead and his association with W is sinking him, along with his own hypocrisy about hiring undocumented.

  • YoungOregonMoonbat (unverified)

    That Smith "hotdog" ad has been running 24/7 here in Portland.

    It epitomizes how Republican's have won elections in the past 2 Presidential cycles:

    1. Select a candidate and their running mate along these lines: a. Folksy b. Small town c. Military experience d. Silver spoon background e. All of the above
    2. Ignore the issues
    3. Catch your opponent at a time of weakness
    4. Ignore the issues
    5. Tape them talking and take a line or two out of a 20+ minute speech
    6. Ignore the issues
    7. Sell that gaffe to the first blood drinker (media outlet)
    8. Ignore the issues
    9. Have the media run that gaffe non-stop on various commentary shows
    10. Ignore speaking the issues

    So far, this election is shaping out like the 1988 election and Republicans are loving the day-to-day, bullshit minutiae that runs on Hannity & Colmes, while the average American gets screwed up the proverbial ass because the campaigns are in the gutter talking about this word and that word.

    Will this election ever get serious and seriously debate fundamental policy difference beyond the scripted debates?

    I hope so for the future of this nation.

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    I've been wondering why it appears McCain has written off Oregon. Perhaps this is the reason, Hibbitts Portland Trib poll has Obama up by ten pts.50-40. Just out.

  • Word Nerd (unverified)

    Hats off to former Rep. Pat Farr for his memory of the history of the M30 tax plan and for stepping up to share it. (I was in the loop of the rat bastard caucus, too, and vouch for his version of "the rest of the story.") But I'm hoping the good gentleman was misquoted in this: "'Jeff Merkley has been judicial in his approach to that,' he said." While the topic was related to the making of law, I think the better term would be "judicious."

    Judicious = wise, showing good judgment Judicial = relating to courts of law or judges

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    Kari, please run a diary on this. The Dem. Congress is getting ready to capitulate to Bush and vote for a half-trillion dollar bail out of the Wall Street mess. The deal involves creating a second Resolution Trust Corporation and pushing all the bad debt on to the tax payer. This needs to be stopped. And it will mean the loss of the election by Obama and the Dem. Congress.

  • RW (unverified)

    Moonbat: I share your angst. Eventually you will realize that politicians NEVER debate substantively. THat is not the nature of campaigns nor campaigning. Nor is it the gist of the Fourth Estate. It's a mighty big windmill you keep running at: speaking to reality as a campaign.

    It's never going to happen: never has, never will. We make do with a few crumbs of sense, fluff them up into a wedding cake and proclaim our candidate good.

    But vote we must, and so it goes. But do not hold your breath, dear MoonBat. You'll be an old, old person before you ever see that dream of yours made real.

    Substance. In a campaign. On either side.

    Bill R: please explain more about loss of election for Dems. I am unsure of this connection to stopping the disaster about to be rammed through the way Homeland Security, Iraq were shoved through.

    I too am anxious about this new development. LIstening to the analytists deny such bailouts (labled as loans as late as today????) "can continue" and in the next breath describing the planned and likely-added.. continuations.

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    @ Rebecca

    <h2>My fear is that the Dem Congress and Prez candidate, Obama, will be pressured into making a deal, supporting the Bush admin plan- the proposal under consideration to buy the "Illiquid" assets or shift this bad debt of investment bankers in order to save the banking system. This would transfer (now estimating) one trillion $ to us, the tax payers, or to our grandchildren. The fallout of this might be to doom our election chances this year.</h2>

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