The Oregonian endorses Piluso, Delman for Multnomah County Commission

The Oregonian endorsed Mike Delman, public affairs director for the nonprofit Portland Habilitation Center and Carla Piluso, Gresham Police Chief for the Multnomah County Commission. They would replace term-limited commissioners Lisa Naito and Lonnie Roberts, respectively. From The Oregonian:

The failures Multnomah County has recorded in recent years have been spectacular enough to show up on a seismograph. Just tick them off:

The implosion of the county's mental health system; its failure to oversee building projects (leading to the doubling of costs for the East County Justice Center); its failure to monitor $276 million in social service contracts; its mismanagement of the jails, and related failure to watchdog labor contracts.

The $270 million to $450 million question of replacing the Sellwood Bridge looks almost tame by comparison. And everything on the county's "to-do" list comes on top of its ongoing failure to open the Wapato Jail.

Examine this list, and it's clear the county must boost its managerial savvy, math smarts and ability to get below the surface. It's essential that the three new commissioners coming on board in January not be pushovers or rubber stamps. They need to be independent enough to snorkel beneath the pages of the county's $1.2 billion budget, spot savings and come up with cost-effective innovations. On those grounds, county voters should elect Carla Piluso, Gresham police chief, and Mike Delman, public affairs director for the nonprofit Portland Habilitation Center, which trains the disabled.

Delman's opponent is Judy Shiprack and her website is here. Piluso's opponent is Diane McKeel and her website is here.

Read the rest of the endorsement here and come back and share your thoughts.

  • East Co Dem (unverified)

    Yay Carla! There is no better person to represent East County on the Board. I know Carla and cant wait for her to get to the County and fight for East County.

  • heather (unverified)

    it should be "trains people with disabilites" not "trains the disabled." (people first language)


  • (Show?)

    So strange -- Mike Delman is the guy who pretended to have a bunch of endorsements that he didn't actually have. There was a big story about it in the Oregonian. Gov. Kitzhaber even asked Delman to stop suggesting his endorsement with a web photo. How embarassing!

    I'm also surprised that the Oregonian would endorse anyone who worked so closely with failed county Sheriff Bernie Giusto.

    After looking at all of the candidates, I'm voting for Judy Shiprack -- she's a teacher and housing advocate who has a ton of experience with public safety and the environment, and her endorsements (Darlene Hooley, Sam Adams, Randy Leonard, teachers, firefighters, etc.) are for real.

  • (Show?)

    "County voter," your statement is false. Mike used a photo of Kitzhaber that he had permission from the Doctor to use. He used another group photo other people inferred -- for the purpose of making this an issue -- implied an endorsement. Mike NEVER claimed to be endorsed by anyone in the picture adn specifically denied that intent. Yet you repeat the rumor so that, if it's said enough, it may be percieved as true.

    Here are Mike's "for real" endorsements: The Oregonian Governor Barbara Roberts Portland City Commissioner Erik Sten Portland City Commissioner Mike Lindberg Multnomah County Chair Don Clark (former) Multnomah County Executive Dennis Buchanan (former) Multnomah County Commissioner Gary Hansen (former) Multnomah County Commissioner Sharron Kelley (former) Multnomah County Commissioner Rick Bauman (former) Multnomah County Chair Hank Miggins (former) State Senator Rod Monroe House Representative Mitch Greenlick Beaverton Chief of Police Dave Bishop Gladstone Chief of Police Frank Grace Speaker of the House Phil Lang (former) House Representative Chris Beck (former) Multnomah County Commissioner Lonnie Roberts Umatilla County Commissioner and NACO President Bill Hansell Multnomah County Sheriff Bob Skipper* METRO executive Rick Gustafson (former) METRO councilor David Knowles (former) METRO councilor Bob Oleson (former) David Douglas School Superintendant Barbara Rommel David Douglas School Board Chair Annette Mattson PPS School Board Chair Debbie Menashe (former) PPS School Board Vice Chair Marc Abrams (former) Housing Authority of Portland Director Steve Rudman

    If you're going to spread false charges, how about standing behind them with your real name?

  • County voter (unverified)

    My statement of Mike Delman using misleading photos is true. By posting a photo with someone of Gov. Kitzhavber's stature, one suggests an endorsement. Why else would Mike Delman post it, and why else would Gov. Kitzhaber ask him to take it down?

    Anyway, your long list means I need to post a long list, too. Yawn...


    Northwest Oregon Labor Council, AFL-CIO AFSCME Local #88, Multnomah County Employees Portland Firefighters Association Local #43 Teachers’ Voice in Politics/ Portland Association of Teachers Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council SEIU Locals #49 and #503 Teamsters Joint Council #37 IBEW Local #48 Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons International Association Local #82 International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council #5 Ironworkers Local #29 Bricklayers and Allied Crafts Local #1 U.A. Local #290, Plumbers and Pipefitters

    Current and Former Elected Officials: Darlene Hooley, United States Congresswoman Randall Edwards, Oregon State Treasurer Sam Adams, Portland Mayor-Elect Vera Katz, Former Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives and Former Mayor, City of Portland John Kroger, Oregon Attorney General Nominee Ginny Burdick, State Senator Margaret Carter, State Senator Diane Rosenbaum, State Representative Jackie Dingfelder, State Representative Mike Schaufler, State Representative Carolyn Tomei, State Representative Beverly Stein, Former Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury, Multnomah County Commissioner-Elect, District #1 Lonnie Roberts, Multnomah County Commissioner, District #4 Maria Rojo de Steffey, Multnomah County Commissioner, District #1 Lisa Naito, Multnomah County Commissioner, District #3 Randy Leonard, Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams, Portland City Commissioner Mike Burton, Former State Representative and Former METRO Chair Steve March, Former State Representative Pauline Anderson, Former Multnomah County Commissioner Jane Cease, Former State Representative Gretchen Kafoury, Former State Representative, Former County Commissioner, and Former Multnomah County Commissioner

  • (Show?)

    County Voter --

    <h2>I disagree with your premise, as did many others when this was raised months ago. And as there is room for disagreement, you have no basis to make assumptions about Mike's intentions. But rather than supporting your candidate, you merely continue to hide behind a pseudonym and attack a fellow democrat. Not cool.</h2>
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