The Republican Convention is just that boring....

Carla Axtman

Without additional comment...I leave you the following video from the RNC.


You can consider this an open thread to discuss the RNC--if you can find anything actually interesting and worthwhile about it, that is. So far its a real snoozer, IMO.

  • M Craw (unverified)

    Yes, very boring and uninspiring. It's sad that there is a lack of diversity on all levels.

  • (Show?)

    The Ron Paul Counter-Convention, on the other hand, looks a lot more interesting. At the very least, the participants sure sound like they're having a lot more fun than those at the McBush shindig.

  • zzz (unverified)

    zzzzz snooze fest hurry get it over with

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    The bit that has me curious now is Sarah Palin firing a librarian who refused to ban books which the Republican V.P. candidate, and former small-town mayor, found morally or socially objectionable.

  • Martin (unverified)

    i tried watching fred thompson's speech today and after five minutes i passed out and fell asleep. the republicans sure know how to kill a buzz. the ron paul convention and the protests are probably the only things that are keeping me even a little interested in watching the szoozefest convention.

  • LT (unverified)

    Just read that Lieberman said in his speech,

    "But eloquence is no substitute for a record -- not in these tough times. In the Senate he has not reached across party lines to get anything significant done."

    Thanks, Joe for finally discussing policy. What you are saying is that working with Sen. Lugar for nuclear non-proliferation is neither working across party lines nor "getting anything significant done".

    Wonder how Sen. Lugar feels about that comment.

    Thanks for clearing that up, Joe. You don't think nuclear non-proliferation is a significant issue.

  • Meemers (unverified)

    CNN POLL: What did you think of the GOP convention's Tuesday night program? Thumbs up 24% 5233 Thumbs down 36% 8022 Didn't watch 40% 8752 Total Votes: 22007

  • MRtrannyTEE (unverified)

    If you're looking for fun at the RNC, you just need to spend more time in the men's room. That's where it's happening.

  • Clinton (unverified)

    There was an excellent moment where, during one of the 3.7 million "Thank the troops" moments of last night, they showed a man in uniform just as he started to yawn.

    You could almost hear the broadcast team cursing and trying to jump to a different camera as soon as they could.

  • Harry Kershner (unverified)

    Kevin's comment about the Ron Paul "alternative convention" is important. Paul, regardless of how we might view his politics, is honorable enough to say that he can't support McCain, even for purposes of party unity.

    Democrats in the Kucinich wing should demonstrate the same ethics. Nothing should be more disillusioning to Democrats than Kucinich's support for hegemony and corporatism as embraced by Obama.

    "So the question is: how are we to break this cycle to be able to try to build the movement we need to do anything more than staunch the bleeding? Consider as well that the staunching looks less and less meaningful to the growing population that gets defined as on the wrong side of the triage line and that each iteration of the losing game further shrinks the ranks of the relatively secure economically, drives more and more people to the margins, and shifts the thinkable terms of political debate, as well as the electorate's center of gravity, more and more to the right." (Adolph Reed, Jr., Where Obamaism Seems to be Going)

  • Bob B (unverified)

    Republican's are an older group. When today's young Democrats grow up and become Republicans, they'll be boring too. Maybe they should have hired Christina Aguilera's stage designer.

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