The Financial Foibles of Linda Flores

Carla Axtman

We live in tough economic times. Our financial system is scrambling to avoid a global meltdown and lots of folks are having trouble making ends meet. And despite the gum-flapping lip service to low key place for government's role in economics, even the Bush Administration has decided to jump in to help keep things afloat.

So when I started hearing that GOP Rep. Linda Flores (running against Democrat Brent Barton in House District 51) has been in trouble for not paying bills, I figured it was probably just a result of current sketchy economic times.


Flores has a rather storied history of personal financial foibles stretching back to at least 2002. That year, Ford Motor Credit won a judgement in Clackamas County (Case# LCV0112054) against her for $5,990.98. Flores's legislative wages were eventually garnished in June 2004 through October 2005 to satisfy the judgement.

I'd have made a copy of the case to post here, but I ran out of money copying the other cases like this that Flores has been tangled in.

In 2003, Flores lost another judgement (Case#CV03120195) in Multnomah County in association with Greenpro Yard Services, the business she owned with her husband, Armando. This one was a little more expensive: $9970.24--which included court and attorney fees, plus interest. Again, Flores legislative wages were garnished starting in February 2008. From what I could tell, that garnishment is still in effect.

In 2004, the Oregonian reported on Flores' financial woes. I can't find the link anymore, but a Lexis search turned this up:

Company Garnishees State Legislator's Wages The Oregonian, August 3, 2004

An automobile finance company has garnisheed a portion of legislative wages paid to Rep. Linda Flores, R-Clackamas, to help cover a 3-year-old automobile debt.

The matter reawakens questions of personal debt, which became an election issue two years ago when Flores defeated a Democratic incumbent.

The House Democratic campaign office released copies of court documents Monday that outline the garnishment of $434.82 from Flores' legislative pay on July 30.

In 2001, Ford Motor Credit Co. repossessed Flores' 1998 Mazda for failure to make lease payments. Court documents show that Flores owes $4,688.64 to Ford Motor Credit, as well as costs and attorney fees totaling $1,287.50.

In 2002, Flores defeated then-Rep. Jan Lee, D-Clackamas, in a campaign that brought up debt problems for both candidates. Lee had filed for personal bankruptcy in 2000. Flores' debt to Ford Motor Credit also became public, along with other debts owed by her and her husband in connection with a yard-care company they owned.

This one also came up:

Candidates Differ On Politics, Issues The Oregonian, October 24, 2002

Lee filed for personal bankruptcy in 2000. She said she ran into money troubles after a divorce and helping to pay medical bills for an adult daughter who suffered from a prolonged illness.

Flores said she doesn't expect Lee's bankruptcy to become campaign fodder.

"I certainly hope not. It won't come from me," she said.

Flores and her husband, Armando, operate Greenpro Yard Services, a yard care firm. The couple owe the IRS more than $37,000 in unpaid employee withholding taxes or unemployment compensation payments that piled up between 1998 and 2001. The couple also owe the state Employment Department about $3,000 in taxes and penalties.

Flores' 1998 Mazda was repossessed last year for failure to make lease payments, and she owes the automobile finance company more than $6,000, according to Clackamas County court records.

Flores said her husband underwent back surgery, and the economic slump lowered demand for lawn and garden services.

She plans to pay off the debts. "It's in the process of being taken care of," Flores said.

I'm still following up on the tax lien stuff. Its taking more hours up than I first anticipated to unwind what's beeing going on with those. I'm probably going to have to bust open up my piggy bank to pay for copies, too.

Its certainly understandable that extenuating circumstances can cause people to hit the financial skids. But creditors are still having to drag Flores to court in order to get her to meet her obligations. And how many years does a person get to do this before the "deadbeat" label starts getting tossed around?

In July of 2007, a collection agency went to court against Flores to get paid:


The entire court document is 11 pages...which is more than I can really post here. And I don't have the Adobe software to make PDFs, unfortunately. So if you wanna see the whole thing, let me know in comments and I'll send it your way.

In any case, the $3,894.72 judgement on this case went against Flores:

And yeah, they're garnishing her again:


For this one Flores is still being garnished as far as I can tell. Court documents show garnishment up through August of 2008--and its not marked as "satisfied". Again, its more stuff than I can post here given my Adobe-free computer. Let me know if you want to see the full boat that I have on this.

A different collection service won a small claim judgement against Flores in November of 2007.

Here's the claim:


Here's where Flores doesn't show up to court and loses (thwack!):


And voila...another garnishment:


From what I could tell, this was one was satisfied via garnishments at the end of May.

To recap, Flores has had at least six years of being yanked into court to be forced to pay her bills. For someone whose articulated reason for being in the legislature is accountability...this doesn't look so accountable.

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    Early on, I donated to the Brent Barton campaign. Now it's your turn. Linda needs to find a real job to repay her debts.

  • Kate (unverified)

    Please, if you live in her district, volunteer, donate, and most importantly, VOTE for Brent Barton!

  • Walpurgis (unverified)

    You know, not being able to pay a bill here and there is one thing... What really cheeses me off about this is that she apparently owes WITHHELD PAYROLL TAXES.

    So basically, she withholds an employee's taxes from their paycheck, but instead of sending that to the IRS like she's supposed to, she just spends it?

    Just to rehash: Linda Flores thinks the government should stop taking people's paychecks... apparently because it cuts into HER OWN ability to take people's paychecks.

    What a hypocrite.

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    Even better than getting to vote against Linda, people in HD have someone to vote FOR in Brent Barton.

    Stand for Children ( North Clackamas) is having another canvass for Brent this Sunday , September 21st at 2 PM. Southern Lites Park .12088 SE 117th - a few blocks north of Sunnyside. OAG Candidate John Kroger will be there as well.

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    and the Bus is going back to Clackamas for Brent on Oct 4. call Henry at 503.233.3018 and book a seat: Ron Wyden & Tom Chamberlain (OR Pres AFL-CIO) are riding with us that day.

    we're gonna win this sucker for Brent and the people of HD 51.

  • Amerika (unverified)

    What do House Republican candidates have against Ford Motor Co. anyway?

    Tony Marino, running in HD 35, also lost a judgment filed by Ford for $4,900.

    Must be a patriotic way to support the American Auto Industry?

  • Josh Kardon (unverified)

    I've met a lot of great young Democrats over the past few years, but none sharper or more passionate than Brent. This guy is the real deal. We support him 100% and hope that many others join the cause.

  • Buy My House (unverified)

    Federal Gov buyout of AIG is the new Socialism.

    So much for Grover trying to drown the Fed in a tub....

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    Ya know that it has been clear for some time that the Republican party has been ideologically bankrupt and they have been leading the country into bankruptcy. Now it appears that they are personally heading into bankruptcy. Tell me again why they should be re-elected?

  • Kathleen (unverified)

    And this is one of the people that is supposed to balance the state budget? Riiiight!

  • mp97303 (unverified)

    Tell me again why they should be re-elected?

    Cuz abortion is the single greatest threat to America. And them thar gays ain't far behind either. Not to mention,it's Gods will. You darn elitists is so dumb, don't y'all know nothing.......(snark)

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    As far as the item about the car goes, I'm always hesitant to go negative against someone on something like that.

    I've known people who had agreed to a payment schedule with the company, then had their car taken anyway. And then the company wants the full amount for the car up front - they won't let you go back onto the payment schedule. So then you're stuck trying to come up with thousands of dollars that you obviously don't have. What ends up happening is they sell your car for cheap and then hit you up for the rest (which is what they would have been coming after Flores for). So you basically still end up paying for the car, without the benefit of having the car (not to mention the fact that you've probably had to use every extra penny you have to buy a cheap car so you can get back/forth to work).

    Or others I've known have had to let cars go back because of unexpected medical costs, a job loss or cut back, etc.

    I don't know that we want to go around being negative against people for something that many Oregonians (and Americans) are going through right now. It's the same thing that Erickson is trying right now against Schrader right now, and I can tell you it isn't going over well with a lot of voters. Having financial trouble - especially when there's something medical or a job loss involved - is something that many people connect with right now. To those voters, they understand that many times it's not in any way connected to living above your means or not handling money correctly, but about just making enough to get by. And when you only make enough to get by, if something unexpected comes up, you're in trouble.

    Not paying employees' taxes are another thing - it's definitely something that should be paid since you're causing big problems for your employees.

  • mp97303 (unverified)

    Not paying employees' taxes are another thing - it's definitely something that should be paid since you're causing big problems for your employees.

    I actually had experience with this with a business I bought several years ago. Actually, the IRS will NOT hold the employees accountable as they have no power in this situation. Whether or not the employer EVER remits the employee withholding, it will be credited to the employee.

    However, the IRS has ZERO patience with an employer who does this and will chase them to the ends of the earth to get the monies they are due.

    There is NO excuse to not remit taxes withheld from your employees. Linda Flores should be ashamed.

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    I understand your point and agree with it, in general. People do get into financial straits from outside things, not of their doing.

    In my view, what's happening here with Flores is a pattern, however. There would appear, at least from what I've seen so far, to be a long-term and habitual problem with paying her bills.

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    I'm glad to hear that, at least. I've run into a a problem in the past where an employer didn't take money out of my check - even though they should have clearly done so. But I was young and naive at the time and believed them when I was told it was fine. And not so ok with it when I got hit with huge fines because of it. Since then, I never take anyone at their word regarding taxes and always ask for more to be taken out than appears to be necessary (I'd rather overpay than underpay).

    I'm glad this is one of those cases where it is indeed the employer who is on the spot.

  • honest dem (unverified)

    Could someone please make some bumperstickers that say: "Linda Flores owes me money too."

  • Ole Barn (unverified)

    The Republicans supporting Mike Erickson in his race against Kurt Schrader to represent the fifth Congressional District attempted to slime Kurt because he juggled expenses in order to continue in the farming business. Ms. floor is on the other hand has diverted funds that were withheld from her employees payroll for legitimate purposes and diverted them for her own personal use. Had the federal government chosen to do so, she could have been prosecuted for having committed a felony. When will the voters of House District 51 come to their senses, and elect somebody that has integrity?

  • J abbycat Lawyer (unverified)

    I was visited by a canvasser for Brent Barton so I went on the net to find out more about him. I was impressed and I am glad to see he is getting out the word about his campaign. I have seen his mailings and hope to see campaign ads soon. I think that if the voters become aware of his background and goals they will see he is a great choice for the position.


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