Working for the weekend: follies and foibles edition

Carla Axtman

I've got a lot of irons in the fire when it comes to blogworthy material, but getting time lately to write it all up has been difficult, to say the least. There just aren't enough hours in the day to post all of the Oregon-related foibles and follies that cross my desk in a given week. So for the sake of clearing the deck and to kick off the weekend, here's the latest and greatest tomfoolery for your pixel-viewing pleasure.

And there's a bonus feature at the bottom as well. But you'll have to click through the jump to enjoy it.

YouTube seems to be a rich source of material on Matt "The Law" Lindland. The latest find is below, where he beats the crap out of Title IX, presumably because the law takes dollars away from wrestling programs, Lindland's pet sport. But the real money comes when he talks about "well-intentioned" liberals who push the program and the interviewer has to remind him that the law was signed by Nixon. The blank look on Lindland's face is priceless. Start at about the 3:30 mark.

(Full disclosure: Matt Lindland's campaign is a client of Ted Piccolo (aka "Coyote")--propietor of the NWRepublican blog. Since Ted doesn't regularly disclose his relationship with Lindland when he writes about him, I'm providing this public service).

Rep Vic Gilliam (R-Silverton) has an interesting resume' on this website, which appears to be with a talent agency. Gilliam lists one of his special skills as "involuntary stuntman". So is he just clumsy or are people deliberately shoving him in front of speeding trains or off of ledges..? What the hell is that, exactly?

I've been receiving various updates coming out of the Marion County Republican Party about an upcoming "Freedom Barbeque" (which incidentally isn't "free"--you hafta pony up some dollars to attend). The "special guest" list for the GOP soiree reads as follows (warning: PDF):

Senator Ted Ferrioli, Oregon Senate Republican Leader

Representative Bruce Hanna, Oregon House Republican Leader

State Representatives Kevin Cameron and Kim Thatcher

Chairman Vance Day, Oregon Republican Party

Russ Walker, Vice Chairman, Oregon Republican Party; State Director, FreedomWorks

Lars Larson, Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host

Special Freedom Celebration Honored Guests:

Colonel Kenneth Reusser, USMC (ret). Col. Reusser is the most decorated Marine aviator in history, serving in WWII, Korea , and Vietnam

Captain Tim Myers, USN (ret), Executive Officer, USS Ranger Aircraft Carrier, Executive Director, USS Ranger Museum Foundation

Does anyone else notice an interesting omission?

(Hint: He apparently loves Cuban cigars and is not so good at the cover-up.) the bonus. How much do you love RED LEATHER PANTS? Not as much Loverboy, I'm guessing. The 80s were so awesome, weren't they?

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    When I saw The East County Gazette today, I thought of you. The front page story is about Lindland. It's supposed to be about the sport and the team, but the front page is pretty much all about him. It even talks about that he is running and gives his campaign web address.

    I want to know if they're going to give Suzanne Van Orman equal time?

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    I hadn't seen the piece you referred to. Thanks for the head's up. Here's the link to it.

    I've questioned the East County Gazette's balance before. They even came here to BlueO to defend their work.

    So how about it, East County Gazette? Does Van Orman get equal time?

    An easy way to give it would be to cover the Bus Project's "Breaking the Glass Ceiling Tour", which is canvassing for Van Orman tomorrow.

  • YoungOregonMoonbat (unverified)

    Yeah, good ole Nixon created the EPA to spite Edmund Muskie of Maine along with creating affirmative action through an executive order, which later became the Philadelphia Plan.

    I have a question. Is it legal for Matt "The Lawsuit" Lindland to run for office, while having a gig as a radio personality at the same time?

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    You're welcome. I was early to a meeting today, and I killed some time by reading the free papers. I was pretty shocked when I looked at the front of the paper. Definitely not what I expect to find during an election season - especially once we're in the 60 days before Election Day.

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    Awwww, man... Back in the day I was a HUGE Loverboy fan. That particular album was the one cassette tape that I listened to the most out of my meager music collection during highschool. Mind you, my guy friends didn't necessarily know that. I led something of a double life listening to Loverboy and The Cars when I was alone and listening to Van Halen and Judas Priest when I was with the boys. Loved the second two, no doubt about it. But there was nothing like the first two to chill out with during my downtime.

    And of course as any true Loverboy fan knows, the red leather pants were featured on what was one of the most iconic album covers of that decade - Get Lucky.

    Damn... now I'm going to have to track down a CD of Get Lucky or listen to the licks from that video run through my head for the next week. LOL

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    You make me so happy with your use of song titles...Gimme Shelter and on....although now I have a Loverboy song in my head...not sure if that's a good thing. I'm flashing back to middle school in Beaverton. Shudder.

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    Tonight on ABC News, Sarah Palin credited Title IX with giving her the confidence to run for vice president as a mother.

    I wonder what Matt Lindland thinks about that?

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    Huh? You guys have a problem with a community newspaper doing a story on Lindland?

    Did you read the story? Nothing political in it.

    Besides his bio is interesting. As a former community newspaper publisher myself I was always looking for stories just like this.

    The guy owns a business in the same area that this newspaper happens to cover and the story is all about his business with a short bio about how Lindland came to be where he is now.

    I know I know that as liberals you have to assume that everyone who is different than you politically must somehow be morally difficient and therefor in need of being ignored at best and personally destroyed at worst. But the rest of the world does not operate like that.

    Some things are just "people" things, as I mentioned on the BlueOregon post about the stupid Gordon Smith ad (I agree that it is stupid to make fun of someone who just happens TO EAT.).

    But don't let my agreement with you stand in the way of ya'll bitterness towards others with a different political viewpoint.

    You wouldn't be so fun to watch otherwise.

    yip yip

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    Actually, my background is in community newspapers. In an election year, you never run a story like this on a candidate - especially not on the front page. The only time you do is if you are running a series and you're also going to cover the other candidate(s).

    While it may not have gone into his views on specific political issues, they tell you he's running and give a link to his site. Right there on the front page.

    Yes, papers are always looking for feature stories like this. But you also have a responsibility to be balanced in your coverage and reporting.

    When I was a reporter and a managing editor of community newspapers, I was extremely cautious when it came to stories on people during election season. It used to be a huge issue in journalism - equal time. The fact that papers, reporters, editors, etc. don't follow it anymore is just plain wrong.

  • JTT (unverified)

    Lindland thinks that MMA in Oregon is over-regulated? Huh, really? Is testing competitors for HIV, Hepatitis, and other blood borne pathogens over-regulation? Perhaps it's testing for banned substances, both performance enhancing and recreational drugs that's too restrictive. Maybe Matt doesn't want there to be mandatory medical personnel on scene at an event. Or maybe prohibiting man-on-woman fights or enforcing a weight class system. Maybe that's too much regulation.

    I don't remember Matt showing up and weighing in at any of the hearings at the Legislature in 2007 on SB 492 to register any of his "expert" opinions on the revamp of amateur and professional cage fighting regulation. That might have been good practice for the job he's applying for.

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    alright!!! More free PR for The Cage Fighter.

    A front page article in the Gazette and yet another post on Blue Oregon.


    Fortunately for me and the rest of the benighted bumpkins that actually live in the district:

    The very popular Patti Smith has finally retired.

    Ted 'n Tootie, who headed up The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight with tin-eared attacks in the primary alienated a lot of Patti's friends and Patti herself.

    Barack Obama is running for president and the Republican brand is badly tarnished.

    The Powers That Be on the Left now see this as a sexy and winnable race. The Bus, SEIU, WinPAC,FuturePAC, OLCV, are suddenly present, even though we haven't been able to get a call returned in the three prievious election cycles, one of which featured Suzanne herself, although we're already hearing that all of these entitites were just waiting for her to "build name familiarity".

    So, in short, we've got an excellent chance to win this time, and everybody loves a winner.

    I ain't bitchin about them being here now. I'm bitching about this district being ignored or outright insulted by many of these groups ever since I stuck my head out to have a look around back in 2000.


    One thing's for sure. Carla, Pat Ryan, The Bus, all the campaign staffers and the candidate, and every union in the state will be out there ready to take the credit if we win this one.

    We are finally hot........Yay Team.


    Oh and Carla, I seriously doubt that a whole bunch of independents and Republican moderates will switch their votes based on Lindland's position on Title What????

    If you were trying to convince me and other progressives in the district, thanks for the Heads Up, but we were already planning on voting for Suzanne.

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