Al Gore coming to Portland to help Jeff Merkley


Nobel laureate and former vice president Al Gore will be in Portland on Friday, October 24, to stump for Jeff Merkley, according to the Oregonian. PolitickerOR quotes an email from Merkley:

“I am honored that Vice President Gore will be visiting Oregon to help my campaign in the closing days,” Merkley wrote. “We must take immediate action to halt and reverse the effects of climate change. Vice President Gore is an inspiring leader on this issue, and I have made climate change and investments in renewable energy a central issue in my campaign for US Senate. “

General admission tickets are just $50 at

  • Alexandria Kanni (unverified)

    I think that it's wonderful to have Al Gore here to show support for Jeff Merkley. But, why isn't Gore out campaigning for Obama? If he is, it's not anything that we've been hearing in the media. I keep hoping to see Gore holding rallies in support of Obama.

  • Darang (unverified)

    how wrong Al Gore is on global warming is just as much on how wrong he is about Jeff Merkley. Kinda like Michelle says This the First time I'm Ashamed on being a Oregonian in my lifetime. Instead of extending your hand out why don't we make and produce something with it.

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