Don't Vote

Paul Gronke

Funny video produced by Leo DeCaprio in conjunction with google.  Maybe Kari can show me how to link directly to YouTube.

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    Dropped it in there for ya, Paul.

    To drop in a YouTube video, just copy and paste the HTML code you find labeled "embed" on the YouTube page. :)

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    Thanks, Kari. Funniest bit was the one "Hey, I got lots of money, why should I vote?"

    The link is pretty cool. You type in your address and you get voting registration and polling place info (not for us obviously).

  • Patrick (unverified)

    Oh, I get it! They're being sarcastic by saying, "Don't Vote" How creative and funny!

  • Tlutz (unverified)

    If you haven't registered in Oregon: CLICK HERE

    Deadlines: New Registrations must be postmarked by October 14. Address changes may be made up until the final day of voting.

  • Jiang (unverified)

    Here's another reason not to vote. You might be violating Federal elections law.

    You can't register your pet to vote, right? So, the concept of "human" is either explicitly or implicitly required to satisfy local and Federal guidelines.

    So, you say, "homo sapiens". The problem is that in the last 50 years "species" has gone from being an epithet or mere nickname, to being more or less- more actually- undefined. A seminal article in the journal Nature a few years back summarized the rot and spelled this out well, and was a joint publication with mucho references, so if you want to judge the proposition I would refer you to the article.

    So, bottom line, you don't know for a fact what "human" is, so you don't know for a fact that you're not violating election law. Safest policy is not to vote.

    As an aside, I tried this getting off the Hollywood Max the other day. The nice lady with a German accent asked if I was registered to vote and I said, "No". She replied, "not interested?", and I replied, "Oh, no, just not human!".

    I can tell you that I have not been approached since.

  • Dylan @ Bend Real Estate (unverified)

    Great video. I think young voters will turn out in record numbers this year.

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