Gordo just doesn't get it and probably never will

Kevin Kamberg

Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair. At least that's how recent events must seem to John McCain and Gordon Smith. First the GOP's "deregulation" chickens came home to roost in the form of an unprecedented global financial markets implosion. Then just as Smith is attempting to make the case that one-party rule would be bad - and thus he ought to be re-elected - the GOP's own Imelda Marcos impersonator (Sarah Palin) is exposed as the phony "small town" girl that she really is via news of a $150 thousand spending spree being revealed - chump change to a guy like Gordo who dropped $1.2 million for a set of golf clubs.

Desperate to somehow gain traction with Oregon voters Gordo is wildly throwing everything - including the kitchen sink - up on the wall hoping that something (anything!) will stick, including the blatent flip-flop he's using now.

To The Oregonian (second Smith video) he claimed just a few days ago that one-party rule would be bad. But today in Oregon City he changed his tune.

Our country and our state do not need one-party rule. Of course, I would feel differently if it was Republican Party rule.

Oy!?! After the mess that Republican Party rule created between 2000 and 2006???

One-party rule by Republicans would be just peachy but one-party rule by Democrats would be a danger? Why? Because of Iraq? Gitmo? Abu Ghraib? Jack Abramoff? Fired U.S. Attorneys? Deleted RNC emails? Warrantless wiretapping? The numerous other end-runs around the Constitution - both attempted and accomplished?

Those all were clearly acceptable to Gordo or he wouldn't said what he said.

An effing $150 thousand makeover for Sarah Palin while the economy was turning bad for regular folks and Republicans "spreading the wealth around" by taking $700 BILLION from taxpayers and giving it to some of the biggest banks and insurance companies on the planet argue rather persuasively that the GOP just don't get it.

Under normal conditions I might actually agree with the general proposition that divided representation is a good thing. But we've already lived through 6 years of Republican one-party rule. And both the GOP as a whole and Gordon Smith in particular give every indication that they've not learned one damn thing from it - else Gordo wouldn't be waxing fondly for it again while Palin prats around in all of the opulence that the RNC could buy her, lecturing the rest of us about "small town values".

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    An effing $150 thousand makeover for Sarah Palin...

    Just so we're clear: While it's permissible to spend campaigns funds on TV-appearance makeup and hair, it's not permissible to spend campaign funds on clothing.

    And besides, it turns out the people buying her clothes are complete and total morons. Look very, very closely at this photo. Yes, those are Democratic donkeys. No elephants to be seen.

  • Dave Lister (unverified)

    No question that a guy who can spend 1.2 million on collectible golf clubs is not on the same planet as me.... but... wasn't it a democratically controlled congress that authorized the 700 billion bailout?

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    LOl @ the picture. Thanks for the great find, Kari.

    For those of us who right now can't even afford a cheap haircut and a few new outfits, a $150K makeover definitely seems out of touch with the average American.

    Which reminds me how badly I need to get my hair cut...

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    Yes they did, Dave. After GOP administration officials spent several weeks doing the equivilent of yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. It's no excuse, I'd agree. But neither does it negate the problems with Republicans.

    Here's what I know. Smith voted for it. Wyden and Merkley opposed it.

  • Jiang (unverified)

    Obama's 2 1/2 million doesn't keep him from resoling his shoes.

    The saying isn't "money is the root of all evil", it's "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil". Evil like Palin and Smith.

  • Dave Lister (unverified)

    Actual tally of the bailout votes:


    Dems 172 yea 63 nay Repubs 91 yea 108 nay


    Dems 40 yea 9 nay Repubs 33 yea 15 nay

    I will grant you, Wyden had it right and Smith had it wrong. But nationally it looks to me like it was the democrats who were more inclined to spread the wealth to Wall Street than the Republicans.


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