Gordon Smith's lawsuit: demanding $150,000 from Oregon taxpayers

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This is a shocking but true story of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. And the lawsuits they file.

Rather than get all hyperbolic about it, I'll just pass along the basic facts:

You can't make this stuff up.

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    [Full disclosure: My firm built Jeff Merkley's website, but I speak only for myself.]

    BTW, all this information comes from public records -- and I've got it all here in a huge PDF stack. Happy to share with anyone that asks.

  • Stop the hackery (unverified)

    Aren't there enough real issues that argue against Smith besides these kinds of silly season stretches.

    This is exactly what turns people off to politics.

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    Ummm...gimme the stack.

    I'm a glutton.

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    Seems to me that overwrought protests like STH exhibits here that turn as many people off to politics as any blog posts do.

    This is a legit issue to blog about. It won't affect my ballot decisions but it's something that I didn't know about until I read about it here. And it's the kind of thing that I'd at least like to know about. It's called keeping informed.

  • Gil Johnson (unverified)

    In this post, Kari is starting to sound like one of those tort reform cranks who always bring up allegedly outlandish lawsuits and judgments to illustrate how greedy and out of touch lawyers are. There might be a justifiable lawsuit here if the highway department failed to do proper environmental and engineering work.

    I'm voting for Merkley because he will make a far better Senator than Smith ever was. I don't need a lot of trash about Smith. Like STH says, it does turn people off to politics.

  • ws (unverified)

    That's no cabin.... . Luxury 'Chalet' is a more apt description. I wonder if Gordon Smith lets his campaign volunteers spend weekends there for free when he isn't using it. That would be nice. Has anyone here read the lawsuit to determine whether it might have merit?

  • Mel (unverified)


    Sorry, but this kind of crap (which this family has perpetrated for a LONG time now) needs to be aired.

    I remember the Smith family from the 70's and 80's in and around Pendleton. I don't like the term, but "Jack Mormon" was thrown around quite freely.

    Gordie is not "farm" raised. He was a spoiled "rich kid", who used such to his advantage.

    Bah..........Sorry, but the old crap surfaces sometimes. I'll hush now.

    I just will NEVER support him.....user of workers (including illegals), breaker of DEQ rules, turncoat to Repub. values when election needs dicate, and also an asshole in his college years.


  • MaryBeth (unverified)

    Mel -

    Religious bigotry has no place here or anywhere. Go crawl back under your rock!

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    Yeah, let's not talk about his religion.

    He's certainly a spoiled rich kid, not a farm-raised kid, but that's got nothing to do with his faith.

  • Steve Bucknum (unverified)

    Hmmmm ...

    Normally I'd jump all over anything that Gordon Smith did wrong. But ...

    You are applying Western Oregon standards to the East side, e.g. rain. It does not rain cats and dogs all the time over here. Where I live, we get 11 inches (average) annual rainfall. Over in that area, I think its about 20 inches. -- Less than half of what Portland gets.

    And you assume that Mr. Smith even knows that this lawsuit is happening. I doubt it. It seems pretty much routine that if ODOT or its contractor was negligent, a lawsuit would follow. This is how you deal with larger insurance issues. A settlement will follow 99% of the time.

    Please, let's attack Smith on issues that are relevant, we aren't the Republicants that need to try to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks (because they have NOTHING!)

    This issue just doesn't do anything for me. I've already voted for Merkley, and have urged everyone I know to vote for Merkley - but we don't need to stretch this far to find mud to wipe Smith's face in, when so much other mud is available.

  • ElGordo (unverified)

    Dismissing an environmental lawsuit out of hand? What is this, the Lars Larson Show? I've seen enough screw-ups by ODOT and its contractors that this could very well be a legitimate violation, and a justified lawsuit. I've got to agree with Gil and Steve, let's stick to the issues. No one's going to pay attention to petty crap like this.

  • STH (unverified)

    "It's called keeping informed."

    Sure it is. Since you like "keeping informed," did you ask yourself a few common sense questions when you read this.

    For example:

    $250,000 to $500,000 buys a "substantial" share of a "luxury resort"? Streeeeeeeeeeeeetch. Trying to hang this around Smith's neck is just stupid and ugly.

    Also, erosion and runoff issues are regularly the subject of many mitigation efforts in this state. It is Oregon, you know, and it rains a lot.

    Probably the worst thing about this post is how it feeds the conservative drumbeat about tort reform. Anything to smear the opponents. Nice work!

    There are plenty of good reasons to vote Gordon out of office, this ain't one of 'em. This is the type of silly season smear that makes people leave their ballots blank.

  • Winter (unverified)
    <h2>This story is off topic for the voters and puts Democrats in a weak position of second guessing what may be legitimate enforcement of our bedrock environmental laws. We have far better and more strategic stories to tell about Senator Smith.</h2>

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