Making Calls the Easy Way

Kristin Teigen

OK, OK, I'm a bit post-happy these days, but I wanted to make sure that everybody found another great opportunity to be involved this weekend.

If you are like me (at home, with children) you can still make calls by going here.

Right now, by 3 year old is asleep upstairs, but I've downloaded lists of people in Montana and I'm working my way toward 100 calls. It's so very easy. They give you the script and everything (just click on "Make Call").

So, if you can't canvass or you're stuck at home for some reason, you can still do something.

Got it? Good! We're gonna do this!

  • Bev Anslow (unverified)

    When I was asked by the Nader/Gonzalez campaign to make phone calls reminding supporters to vote, I wasn't sure it would be a pleasant experience because I know how I feel when I receive calls from telemarketers.

    What a pleasant surprise it was. It was hard to get off the phone so many voters wanted to talk. Several older women told me they had been Ralph Nader supporters for years, and that he should have been elected president years ago.

    One said it would be a dream come true if he were elected. A few, however, admitted they already voted for Obama because they were worried McCain might win. They felt bad because they believed Nader would be a far better president and they supported all of his issues.


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