McCain-Palin haiku

Chris Lowe

People for the American Way (PFAW) is sponsoring a McCain Palin haiku contest. Here's how they describe it:

Three winners will have their haikus published in the Nation magazine. Other prizes will be announced. Ten finalists will be chosen and then the three winners will be voted on by ... People For the American Way supporters. ....

* Entries must be submitted online, using the form provided.
* Each contestant may submit up to three entries.
* All valid entries must be received by Wednesday, October 15 at midnight.
* Haikus will be judged on the following criteria:
o Connects Sarah Palin and/or John McCain to the Far Right or to what's at stake this election, OR
o Makes the connection between the 2008 Election and the future of the Supreme Court

Whether or not you decide to enter their contest, the challenge seemed like good water cooler fun.

Here are some modest efforts by me to get the ball rolling:

McKinley's New Dawn
Remember the Maine, Beach Boys!
Bomb bomb, You Betcha!

Drill here now, Sno-Cat
elitist polar bears must swim
Denali weeps

Mavericks appoint
new judges robed make me
cleaned dressed moose

  • Ray Duray (unverified)

    This contest puts me in mind of the recent John Cleese poem:

    Ode to Sean Hannity

    Aping urbanity Oozing with vanity Plump as a manatee Faking humanity Journalistic calamity Intellectual inanity Fox Noise insanity You’re a profanity Hannity

  • LT (unverified)

    This one was sent by a friend

    Sarah Haiku

            Behind her pretty
            smile and designer glasses
            lurks insanity
  • (Show?)

    The airheads speak Lies abound The nation mourns

    Raising prejudice You betcha We lose


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