Senate '08: The Oregonian goes online to take your questions

Right now (at 9 a.m. Monday), the Oregonian editorial board will be answering questions online about their endorsement of Gordon Smith in the U.S. Senate race.

Over the weekend, the conversation got an early start. A sampling:

Odd that in their endorsement of Obama, the Editors made such a compelling case for change, but in Smith's case, holding the course on the Bush Agenda seems to be their preference. I understand the need for balance, but the Ruling Junta has thrown us so far off kilter that we need to act swiftly and smartly by not electing someone who will probably vote against Obama 90% of the time. ...

How do you support your assertion that Smith was an "early supporter" of Senator Wyden's universal health insurance plan? It seems to me that he is a very recent supporter (the most recent Republican to sign on as a cosponsor) and I haven't heard him mention it at all during this campaign. Wyden has been touring the country for a year or two to drum up the interest in the plan, and it seems like Smith just jumped on right before the election with little involvement. ...

Gordon Smith is no 'independent' and he's not even very good at his job, unless you consider representing Jack Abramoff, big telecom, big pharma, the insurance industry, etc. (none of whom are even located in Oregon) to be his actual job.

Join the conversation over there.

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