Surpri-i-i-se? I Mean, it is October.

Pat Ryan

So I'm kicked back in front of The Tube, flipping back and forth between the Dallas/Tampa Bay game and MSNBC. I've got the Snoregonian up and I'm trying to roll with  Reinhardt's latest Cry of Pain as he passionately argues that it's mostly Libruls that are the Hatas. Impossible Things before Breakfast, as the Queen sez to Alice.

So Anyhow, the Lovely Christine, who getting in a rare late breakfast yells at me from the dining room, "Hey, is that the October surprise?", and sure enough it's coming in on CNN that for the first time since the beginning of The Big Adventure in Iraq, the US has raided onto Syrian soil nine days before the election. Early reports are of four US choppers, maybe eight commando type troops and seven or eight killed. Raid over.

Now a lot of us have been waiting for some sort of shoe to drop beyond the daily Robocalls, Election theft efforts involving State and Federal resources, and anguished outcries from persecuted Oregonian columnists.

Stay tuned.

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    If this is the October Surprise then my money says it'll backfire.

    It's one thing for Americans to vicariously swagger around via military adventurism when we're sitting fat and sassy through a thriving economy.

    In the midst of what nearly EVERYONE (world-wide!) is characterizing as an economic implosion of historic proportions, I seriously doubt many Americans will see any value, much less wisdom, in Bush prodding at hornets nests instead of focusing on the crisis on Wall Street.

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    After seeing several financial market wireservices carrying this story, it occurs to me that global markets might react negatively to this news as just one more unwanted complicating factor in an already fearful financial market system.

    One more reason (which is really just a facet of the first one) why I don't think this'll fly as an October Surprise.

  • Anthony (unverified)

    I bet this would backfire, if meant as an October surpise, since all killed targets appear to have been civilian day laborers.

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    Of course, this by itself, and if true, wouldn't be big enough to Git 'er dun, and I'm thinking that if Bashir Assad has a hair on his ass, he'll keep Hezbolla and his own dirty tricks boys in check for the next couple of weeks (if he actually has enough internal power to accomplish that).

    Still, lobbing a few at Damascus after a few days of escalation, would be well within the realm of believable scenarios for the NeoCons on their way out the door.

    It'll pretty much depend on AIPAC post election positioning calculations by Cheney and Addington I guess.

  • Ray Duray (unverified)

    OT OT

    Hi Pat,

    Can you point me toward Blue Oregon's comment posting guidelines? The reason I ask is because I just took quite a bit of time to craft a thoughtful comment that included several URLs and the system seems to have had a hissy fit about this. Thanks for any help in pointing me toward an understanding of the new automated censorship we're experiencing with the new comment system.

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    Oh, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the NeoCons hatched this as an October Surprise. It does seem to be inline with their M.O. I just don't think it'll work.

    And, frankly, if this is the best idea they've got then I'd hafta say that's a very positive sign for those of us who want to see Obama elected.

  • Eric Parker (unverified)
    (Show?) does one spell Syria now?... C-A-M-B-O-D-I-A?

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    I don't think it's Blue Oregon so much as it is Typepad, which runs the site. It will often think a posting with a lot of links is spam.

  • RW (unverified)

    Yah, I snorkeled around a bit trying to find more than the Drudge's uninformative snippet. Just pple killed, and lots of choppers and Murricans on the ground.

    No allegations, rationalizations, reports of Al Quaida to abide by.


    Just civilians pissed off, mumped, and dead.

    What the HELL is Cheney up to now? They saved some kinda shit up, surprise.

  • Frank (unverified)

    Pardon me, but I think you already saw the big Rove October Surprise but Ashley Todd the lead actress blew her role.

    Way too much points toward The Ashley Todd B-girl being a classic Rove dirty trick.

    • Launched from the organization that launched the careers of both Donald Segretti and his protegee, Karl Rove into the GOP dirty tricks field, College Republicans

    • Ashley Todd was a nationally known face of the College Republicans as of their lead bloggers That made her one of the young rising stars in the GOP. She was from Texas, too.

    -Ashley Todd screwed up the "O" she carved in her own face in the car rear view mirror. It hurt too much. She made it way too small. She had to do it again, then make up all those silly lies on her own about "Bs"

    • There's only one way Fox News has so-called details the police hadn't released and both McCain and Palin make those calls to the sweet girl who an Obama supporter carve an "O" in the face of a pretty young white McCain worker ... hold on... what do you mean it's a "B now?!? ... okay... the "B" girl... it was on their day schedule at the beginning of the day.

    -Rove had figured he could get Ashley Todd out of that police station before anybody got around to suggesting a polygraph.

  • rw (unverified)

    Heh Frank - very friendly of you not to call me an idiot and point out that it's a purely election political surprise in joke. SIgh. I'm slow.

    Well, still one more week to October. Let's see what else wierdness happens. This is bound to be a memorable one. More yet.

  • Harry Kershner (unverified)

    The one thing that no Democrats seem able to fathom is that McCain was winning before the real October Surprise, the collapse of our economic system. If the collapse had occurred one month later than it did, it would have been 2000/2004 redux, with or without the election theft.

    Pat Ryan said, "It'll pretty much depend on AIPAC post election positioning calculations by Cheney and Addington I guess."

    Why is that "AIPAC" positioning, Pat? Do US hegemonists need AIPAC to slaughter and torture? Did history begin in 2000?

    And what about your own regressive candidates' unqualified support for AIPAC? (If we could only get rid of those, Zionists, eh? like Joe ["I am a Zionist"] Biden?)

    Hypocrisy runs deep on BO. When you AIPAC haters reject candidates who support AIPAC, I'll have some respect for you.

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