The Coronation of Matt Wingard, part 2

Carla Axtman

In August I wrote my observations on the appointment of Republican Matt Wingard to the House District 26 seat, vacated by the resignation of Jerry Krummel. Now running to retain the seat, his opponent is Jessica Adamson. Wingard was recently reported (here and in the traditional media) to have been convicted of hitting his son with a screwdriver. Allegations of additional abuses toward that child by Wingard are also in evidence with the court--and I have those documents. Please leave a comment on this post if you'd like them emailed to you).

Wingard's appointment to the seat by my observation was a complete and total sham. Based on correspondence I've acquired between the Washington County Commissioners, I'm not the only one who thought so.

Keep in mind as you read these that the GOP was required to have at least 3 (and no more than 5) nominees for the HD26 seat who are willing and able to serve. It's the job of the commishes to make the appointment or its kicked up to the Guv.

I'm posting these in order by date, even though they're numbered differently by page. I've also redacted what appear to me to be personal (and not business) email addresses.

Below is an email from Noreen Lee to the Washington County Commissioners and a few others. Lee is the executive assistant for the Commissioners. Here she notifies the group that nominee Scott Haynes isn't going to send his resume or statement of interest as part of his consideration for the job. Basically, he's a seat-filler. Wa Co Commish Rogers (a Republican), asks in reply why they're all having to waste their time with interviewing Wingard if the whole thing is stacked for him in the first place?

Next, Commish Schouten expresses a problem with the process as well, wondering why they aren't just sending the whole thing off to the Governor to do, especially since its a seat-warming job until the election. Rogers responds that he doesn't think they should trouble the Guv, but its not really an especially great process. (Keep in mind that these Commishes have done at least several appointments. They have a frame of reference for how it should go). Schouten replies again, noting that he believes they're setting a poor precedent to let this go forward as it is.


More discussion about why they're bothering with a process whose outcome has already been decided..and a note from Roy Rogers that he's spoken to Wingard, who told him that the other two candidates are backing him for the job? Is that ethical?


This last bit from WaCo Commish Chair Tom Brian is interesting and perhaps revealing. Brian calls what the GOP/Wingard are doing a "political manipulation" that is "common". Which seems to run antithetical to what his fellow commissioners have been saying in the email thread.

He also says that if they only have one person to interview and appoint--they should go forward. This also seems problematic, given that the rules say that there must be at least 3 people.


Is this really the best we can do?

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    Nope. But apparently it is the best we did do. Just hope the district's voters take the opportunity to undo it.

    Has there been any legislative business that Wingard has handled since the appointment, from which the district would have suffered if not represented by him, or someone, or the squirrel who lives in his back yard? Or was this purely about giving him a minor "incumbent" status?

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    There has been some committee work done in the interim--but I don't think its been much. And I'm not even sure Wingard has participated.

    But the "incumbent" status for Wingard may not be as minor as you think, given that he has already used taxpayer dollars to send out a mailing to HD 26 as their rep.

    So much for being a guy who doesn't want to waste taxpayer dollars.

  • judy (unverified)

    If you are going to bring up 10 year old accusations, why don't you talk about Obanma's being elected as a socialist.

    Or Obama's association with terrorists?

    Or Obama's lies?

    Do you guys believe in people changing? Admitting their mistakes? Improving themselves? You believe in forgiving street criminals for rape, robbery and murder, but can't bring yourself to forgive a minor transgression.

    Try some balance sometime you partisan hack.

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    I make no pretense about my political convictions. I advocate for progressive candidates and causes--and I work against the opposite. You can choose to factor that in when you read the story and follow the research. And by all means, if you have evidence that anything I've posted here is incorrect or lacks all of the available information, please post it. If it checks out, I'll update the piece.

    That said, Wingard has consistently attempted to obfuscate and lie about the screwdriver story with the child. He also tried to paint the additional accusations as completely false and without merit--despite the fact that there are multiple sources to back them up.

    If Wingard has "changed", then you must agree that at least some of what he's been accused of in fact took place. And given how he continues to make up excuses and change his story for these incidents--its unlikely that he has undergone the kind of transformation to which you allude. If you have evidence to the contrary, please share it here.

  • judy2 (unverified)

    Dear "Judy,"

    I know it really hurts to lose; and observing the rabid right-wingers in this country watch helplessly as McSame/Palin goes down in flames - we feel your pain.

    The irony of the right-wing victimization crowd lashing out because they're losing is really very amusing for all of us to watch! THIS IS A HELL OF A LOT OF FUN JUDY! Can you hear Cary Grant saying, "Judy, Judy, Judy..."

    Did I mention that you're losing Judy? That the White House will be controlled by Dems. The 2 US Senators from Oregon will be Dems. The Oregon House, Senate, and Governor's office will be in Democratic hands. The Secretary of State will be a Democrat. As will the Treasurer, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Labor Commissioner......

    The adults have to clean up your mess Judy.....but we'll do it because we believe in responsibility and accountability.

    As for your pathetic claims:

    1) Obama was elected as a Democrat.

    The socialists in 2008 are Henry Paulson, George Bush, and all of the "Free Marketeers" needing the taxpayer bailout.

    2) Strafing villages in Vietnam and killing innocent Iraqi's in an illegal war.....I suppose you could say that since Obama serves with McCain the terrorists, that yes, he associates with terrorists.

    3) Liar liar pants on fire! Keating 5; Keating 5; Keating 5. (oh yes, as per your "forgiveness" whine.....I suppose McCain should be forgiven for his association with economic terrorists in the Keating 5).

    4) Beating your child with a screwdriver is a "minor transgression" for you Judy? Wow, you must be into some heavy bondage with your old man! If Wingard had used a chainsaw or a hammer? Would that have met your threshold for unforgiveable child abuse?

    Balance? No Judy, the country is turning Blue!

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)

    judy wrote,

    Do you guys believe in people changing? Admitting their mistakes? Improving themselves?

    Indeed. Wingard should not lose his vote. He should be able to work. He should not be forced out of his home by outraged neighbors. That does not mean he is a good choice for election [or appointment] to public office.

    As to your comments about Obama, get real, dear. We've heard that unsubstantiated crap before.

  • Jonathan Radmacher (unverified)

    judy: "Minor transgression" = physically assaulting your child bad enough to warrant successful criminal prosecution.

    As for Obama, I think there's a stupid, hate-filled McCain-Palin rally that you're missing at this very moment. Hurry, catch a flight.

  • Lyndon Slewidge (unverified)


    Don't forget that Wingard, besides beating a small child with a screwdriver, also held down and force-fed a child until he vomited.

    He also said that Hurricane Katrina was "a miracle", because it destroyed the New Orleans public schools. My guess, those family who lost love ones, were displaced and lost their homes, or lost beloved family pets because of Katrina might disagree.

    Wingard is a very bad person, I hope the voters of HD 26 will see that.

  • judy (unverified)

    Congrats, progressives.

    You have just driven another family wage job manufacturer out of Oregon.

    Hardy Meyers gets special mention for hounding them for a false legal claim.

    Good job guys. Maybe those 1000 workers can find work at a Starbucks and other new Oregon industries of the future.

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    You do have that information to post on Wingard that I asked for, right?

    Or are you ready to concede that he hasn't changed?

    And what is your response to the Washington Co Commission's assessment of the way Wingard and the GOP played the process?

    "Turning the page" on Wingard won't make this go away.

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    OK, people, that's enough fun with the troll. Let's please stay on topic. This is not a post about the presidential race.

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    Thanks Carla, I forgot about the mailing, you mentioned it before. @!#$% franking Rs!

  • Jonathan Radmacher (unverified)
    <h2>While I realize that this race is not likely to have much (if any) polling, is there really, seriously a chance that this wingnut could win??</h2>

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