Voter Registration Reminders

Kristin Teigen

Just a friendly reminder of two very important dates, because, you know, we have somewhat of an important election coming up. Just somewhat. A trifle.

First, today (yes, TODAY) is the voter registration deadline in Washington State. Voter registrations must be turned in or postmarked with today's date. A Rasmussen poll out yesterday had the race for governor between the incumbent Democrat Christine Gregoire and the George Bush clone, Dino Rossi tied. Rossi, among other positions, questions the reality of global warming, is opposed to restricting the dumping of mercury into the Puget Sound and has such anti-choice views that some leaders in his own party have distanced themselves from him. So, please, Washingtonians, go register. Get active. Vote. Go here to print out a registration form.

Second, we are ten days out from Oregon's voter registration deadline, October 14th. In the midst of the national and senatorial race, perhaps some of us forget that our ballot includes some extreme measures from Bill Sizemore. Your participation has never been so important to the future of our nation and our state. Go here for more information.

You can also go here to register on-line.

In so many ways, we are a nation at a crossroads between continuing failure and the loss of hope and a true future for us all. As Martin Luther King said, ". . . however difficult the moment, however frustrating the hour, it will not be long, because truth pressed to the earth will rise again." We all need to use our right to vote.

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