VIDEO: What would Barack Obama do?

From the Oregon Natural Resources Council PAC:


  • Joel H (unverified)

    I thought they were Oregon Wild now.

  • Rulial (unverified)

    Sen. Obama and Speaker Merkley are a great start, but don't stop at the top! There are progressives running for other offices that deserve your support as well.

  • Anthony (unverified)

    Hey, he didn't fill out the rest of the ballot!

  • (Show?)

    Joel H -- I don't have any knowledge, but I'm guessing that the nonprofit is now Oregon Wild while the federal PAC still the ONRC PAC.

  • Rulial (unverified)

    Anthony, that's what I thought, too. But I think the shot were it splits into four screens is supposed to represent him filling out the rest, too.

  • Sean Stevens (unverified)

    Sean here from ONRC Action. The 501(c)(3) is Oregon Wild. The Federal PAC is ONRC Action. We didn't endorse down the ballot so that's why you don't see him filling out more races. Although, we wholeheartedly support folks voting the environment in all elections and at every level of office.

    This video is accompanying some paid ads in college newspapers to get at that undervote and we wanted it to be a pretty targeted message.

  • RW (unverified)

    What Would Jesus Do? Interesting that you used the evengelical tagline to rhythmically jump-start your campaign.

    Ran across an interesting article detailing the huge, quiet outreach going on from the Obama campaign into religious communities that are not extremist - Kerry folks report it is spending on the order of ten times more than his campaign devoted to this segment of the voting public.

    In addition, Obama's speaking is actully heavily salted with code language from the progressive xian subculture, drawing from contemporary figures imbibed by that demographic.

    Very interesting. While McCain courts the bombastic extreme margins, our man Obama is quietly galvanizing the larger number of Believers, those in the middle stream.

    Without a lot of noise and fuss, too. Makes it ever more laughable that while he is carefully courting the mainstream of Believers, his opponent tries his best to attach the Muslim tag to him. Assuming that America hates and fears Islam blindly. And cannot hear the encodes in Obama's speech.


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