Election Day at PCS - a few glimpses

T.A. Barnhart

I did a little dropbox watching today at Pioneer Courthouse Square, ostensibly to make sure there were no problems. Of course there were no problems: this is Portland fergawdsake. But I did get some good video of the flow of people walking, biking and driving up to the dropbox so they could be part of the process. I got some great interviews, too, including Kim & Kim (it was Kim's first presidential election).

I also found out I stll don't know how to use my new Vixia properly, so I ended up with just the first bit of video I took. The rest is, well, it's just too sad.

Anyway, here's 3 minutes of people dropping off their ballots (it's pretty cool, actually; part of the video I lost was of two young women who spent their lunch hour sitting and watching people drop off their ballots).

And I did manage to capture my chat with Mindy. She's not a first-time voter, but she's a poli sci major at PSU as I was, and she really thinks this stuff is important:

Me, too

Anyway, it's 4:49, people are starting to freak about the results back east with 0.005% of the votes counted. I'm going to get back on the phones and keeping reminding people they still have time to vote. Every vote counts, and the Bus' count of voters is a testament to the organization and democracy.

(You knew I'd get in something about the Bus plug.)

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