Seven Crazy Things Heard On Cable

Bill Gallagher

3:55PM (All times PST and approximate) - MSNBC - Nora O'Donnell reports that Elizabeth Dole is losing her North Carolina Senate race and proclaims, "IT'S AN OBAMA TSUNAMI!" Chris Matthews reminds her that the
earliest poll closings are still five minutes away. Indonesia is not amused.

4:10PM - MSNBC - Not to be outdone by O'Donnell, Joe Scarborough declares the results are "A REPUDIATION OF THE REPUBLICAN BRAND." "It's only ten after seven, Joe," says Matthews.

4:51PM - FOX NEWS CHANNEL - With little good news for thier side to report the panelists are arguing about the various ways we vote in America when Brit Hume fumes that because of vote by mail "OREGON VOTERS WERE VOTING ON A DIFFERENT SET OF FACTS." Huh?

4:57PM - FNC - Karl Rove reports that in Florida, Democrats are running ahead of where they need to be in
11 counties. Then he reports that Republicans are running ahead of where they need to be in 12 counties. "BUT THOSE REPUBLICAN COUNTIES ARE TOO SMALL. OBAMA IS DOIN' BETTER IN BIGGER COUNTIES AND MC CAIN IS DOIN' BETTER IN SMALLER COUNTIES." Good night, Karl.

5:32PM - MSNBC - A top McCain campaign aide responds to the news that Elizabeth Dole has lost in North Carolina with, "THE THING'S STILL NOT OVER AND THAT'S REMARKABLE."

5:50PM - MSNBC - Obama campaign mastermind David Axelrod won't declare victory but displays his erudition when he gets this quote right, "THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING."

5:57PM - MSNBC - Former exterminator and Texas Congressman Tom DeLay is being interviewed by Chris Matthews, for some reason, and throws this out as the interview ends, "ALL THOSE DEMOCRATS IN THE HOUSE WILL DOUBLE THE MINIMUM WAGE WITHIN SIX MONTHS."

Stay tuned.

  • George Seldes (unverified)

    From DeLay's lips to God's ear. I hope someone like DeFazio picks that up and introduces a bill to do just that and calls it the "No More DeLay on Fair Wages Act"

  • (Show?)

    Chris Matthews fed DeLay his lunch, all but called him a slimy lying psycho asshole, and it was a thing of beauty to watch.

  • Mark (unverified)

    What the heck did Brit Hume mean by that? I wish he wouldn't ramble about things he doesn't know about. Oregonn's vote by mail is one of the best systems in the country.

  • johnnie (unverified)

    When's Chris going to be consistent and give the same treatment to Pelosi? Pelosi and Ried have injected steriods into K-Street. Yes, that's right folks, K-Street is bigger and badder that even DeLay could have dreamed. However, this time, it's ok because Democrat corruption is tolerable.

    Bill - be fair. Rove was basically asked to call Florida for Obama and his response was that Obamas doing better in big counties and McCain's doing better in small counties - you do the math. It was a non-response, response. Sheez, let go of the hatred...

    How appropriate for MSNBC to take outliers of the Republican party and cast them as mainstream R's. Remember, without R's voting against Delay two years ago, there still would have been a DeLay in Congress.

    We are cleaning our house, when will you? Or do the sweetheart mortgage deals become mainstream?

  • (Show?)

    Johnnie, Your claims about K Street are not credible because the Republican "project" was reliant in large part on Republican control of the White House. Can you point to any evidence of Reid and Pelosi trying to enforce on lobbying firms ideological adherence and patronage in the ways DeLay did?

    Mark, what Brit Hume meant was that when I cast my ballot a couple of days after I got it, I voted without having the benefit of the last two weeks of John McCain's changed rhetoric that his campaign argued was closing the gap, not to mention the November 3 ad I saw bringing Jeremiah Wright back into the picture. Of course, I cast that vote that early because I'd heard all that before and wasn't going to be persuaded, and people who were undecided voted later.

    Did Hume say the same thing about all the other "early voting"?

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