Thanks Senator Wyden. Thanks Governor Kulongoski.

Chip Shields

Who are your unsung heroes of this campaign season?

Tomorrow voters will have their say. And on this last night before what we all hope will be the wake of the blue flood, I just wanted to say thanks to two people who helped put the Oregon House Democrats and their candidates in such a strong position in this election -- Senator Ron Wyden and Governor Ted Kulongoski.


Whether it's been holding town halls with our candidates or by helping with fundraising, I can tell you that day in and day out, Ron and Ted have been there for us, with no fanfare and no interest in accolades.


So on behalf of the Oregon House Democrats and all the people of Oregon, we say thanks Ted and thanks Ron (and a special thanks too to Josh Kardon and Chip Terhune).

Oregon is lucky to have you in its corner.

So who are your unsung heroes of this campaign season? Give them some props in the comments section.

  • Rep Chip Shields (unverified)

    I also wanted to thank Oregon's next Attorney General John Kroger for his incredible help too!

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    For me, it's all the 20-something Democratic campaign staff up and down the state: the Obama guys (and gals), the Merkley machine, the House heros.

    Remember what they volunteered for: long hours, low pay, and a hard November 3rd layoff. Yet they were still there, putting in their hearts and souls.

    We couldn't have done it without them. So they all get a big thank you from me.

  • TroyB (unverified)

    I'd like to thank all the SEIU member volunteers who've left everything on the road.

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    No disrespect intended to any of the other fine nominees, but unlike elected officials, staff and union members, the (literally) kids from the Bus Project truly come out as volunteers, just interested in making positive change and primarily having a hella fun time doing it.

    Which would be simply a nice, feel-good story of empowerment and growth--except that these nice young kids went out and hit SIXTY THOUSAND doors for Oregon candidates. At many levels, that kind of contact can be dispositive in a race.

    Sixty thousand doors, because it's fun, it's worthwhile, and they feed you and have some kind of cool thing after. Pretty heroic to me--and it's where I'm going to be spending my afternoon tomorrow, getting it done and feeding off the vibe.

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    Thanks for this post and the reminder. There are so many who put themselves, their reputations, time and money on the line. I hope we thank especially the candidates who want to make a change and have worked hard for a year, sometimes more, to get to tomorrow.

    We have a tremendously bright and capable "class" of new Democratic legislators coming in for 2009. I hope a lot of them make it. They deserve it and Oregon deserves them. They are farmers, teachers, lawyers, social service workers, company-builders, community organizers and many others. They are all bright and determined that Oregon can do better, fired up for change. I look forward to serving in the next legislature with them.

    I hope we will also thank those who put in the year and worked just as hard but will not be there in January. They are just as bright and just as determined, but they come from districts whose voters have not yet realized that Democratic policies are better for them and their families than the alternatives. Some will win in 2010. But others never will. They are doing the hard work of presenting the message in districts where it has not been heard in a long time, where the comfortable and wrong understanding of our state has been unchallenged for too long. Their success is the building for the future that Oregon will need.

    In truth, it takes all of us to do our parts. Thank you, candidates, win or lose, you came through for our democracy.

    And thank you, Chip, for the reminder. In the midst of the frantic GOTV it is easy to forget to say it. One more day, lets turn out that last Obama, Merkley, D-legislative-candidate voter, tomorrow.

  • OregonDem (unverified)

    The person who deserves the greatest thanks is Rep. Earl Blumenauer. In this election cycle, he has helped raise roughly a $1,000,000 dollars for Democrats across this country. Rep. Blumenauer was the first superdelagate in Oregon to support Barack Obama and has done a great job as co-chair of Oregon for Obama.

    Rep. Blumenauer, thank you for all of the great work you do and have done for Democrats in Oregon and around the country.

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    I'm very Grateful to you, Chip. For your willingness to take on the tough issues, for your leadership in raising money and volunteers to elect more democrats and for the special way you remind us that while it's been a long, strange trip...looking past this election day, we can with increasing confidence say: here comes sunshine!

  • Ms Mel Harmon (unverified)

    Thank you to all the candidates. It takes a special person to put their personal and professional lives on partial (or total) hold, to campaign for months on end, knocking on thousands of doors, listening to and weighing a plethora of opinions about their district, county, or state. They put themselves right on the line, knowing that their opponents will challenge their ideas and in many cases will try and drag them through the ugly mud of dirty politics. To step forward to serve your community and fellow citizens knowing the sacrifices you will make, win or lose, is an extraordinary committement as a citizen and I salute all candidates for being willing to take that step.

  • Ms Mel Harmon (unverified)

    Another thank you to all the campaign managers out there. You who plan, strategize, organize, mobilize and theorize---all to get your candidate in the win column. You live on stale donuts, bad coffee, and cold pizza far too often. You have to be steady enough to be the campaign's rudder when things inevitably go crazy and flexible enough to roll with whatever happens. Quick of mind and tongue, you have to help keep the candidate informed and ready for possible attacks. You are the conductor of the campaign orchestra and often its unsung hero.

    No matter how good a candidate, they won't get there without vote of the people, the support of their volunteers, the sweat of their staff, and the vision of their campaign managers. So, here's to all the campaign managers out there!

  • Paul Gerald (unverified)
    <h2>Chip is my unsung hero because (A) he's a great guy for Oregon and (B) I think I went to that "Sunshine" show with him.</h2>

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