Breaking: Suspicious Envelope Received in Governor's Office

Carla Axtman

A press release from Governor Kulongoski's office hit my email box in the last hour, reporting that a suspicious envelope had been found. From the press release:

Suspicious Envelope Received in Governor's Office, Turned Over to the FBI

(Salem) -- At approximately 3:45pm today, a governor's office employee located in Room 160 of the Capitol building received an envelope with a return address of Texas, similar to the address listed on envelopes received by other public offices that have contained white powder.

The Governor was not on site.

The employee did not open the envelope and it is not known if the envelope contains white powder. The employee followed procedure and immediately contacted the Oregon State Police.

In response, the area, eight Governor's office employees and three other state employees present in Room 160 were immediately quarantined. The quarantine lasted for about one hour.

Oregon State Police, National Guard, Salem Fire Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation worked together in response to the incident.

There is no confirmed connection to similar mailings received at some other Governor’s offices around the country. The FBI is the lead investigating agency.

I'll post more as the story develops...or as I hear more.

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    I drove by the Capitol at about 4:30 and saw the fire trucks and hazmat unit out front. The team was just going in, full gear with air tanks strapped to their backs.

    Not something you see every day.

  • AimeeG (unverified)

    My sister just finished a trip that had her staying in rural AR, LA and MS and she reports that those folks are pretty close to starting a real culture war, complete with bullets and guns. My next door neighbor, a Palin troll, just returned to work Friday, since staying at home since the election. These folks are really PO'd. It reminds me of something I read once about how the "Bush/Nixon axis" and their cabal of cronies looked at Bill Clinton as a fluke, expecting all Republican administrations for the next 50 years.

    I think there's something here interesting about the difference between Democrats and Republicans. They are acting like this was a military coup, yet we didn't get quite this angry in 2000 when they really did steal the election! All these Irish-American male pablum puking fascists on the radio seem to have actually convinced the mainstream that we really ARE second class and not worthy of the same consideration you give "real Americans". It's like all these raging statements are prefaced with a silent, "How dare you...".

    I have a friend that raises eyebrows by saying we didn't have to fight Hitler, that what happened afterward would have played out largely the same, 50 years on, that we could have spared the carnage and eventually ended up with the same result. Well, that's the approach we're taking this time. I guess we'll find out how well it works! I mean, Obama's selections can only be called appeasement. Look at what FDR did in his first week. How could those nominees even consider that kind of action? Are we less poor off? Well, yes. Guess we're going to wait for it to get to 1932 levels before getting real.

  • The Libertarian Guy (unverified)

    GAimgee writes: "I have a friend that raises eyebrows..."

    Once raised what is the market price for them?

    Thanks, TLG

  • Harry (unverified)

    GAimgee writes: "I have a friend that raises eyebrows..."

    <h1>Once raised what is the market price for them?</h1>

    I say boycott farm raised eyebrows, even if they are raised by your friends. Eyebrows are meant to be wild, just like salmon. Be sure and boycott farm raised salmon also, even if it was raised by your friends.

  • Zarathustra (unverified)
    <h2>Careful, that SF 'net ops center might be tracking your IP address. The Eyebrow Liberation Front (ELF) has been listed as a terrorist organization by the administration. I do expect a prompt EO from BO to deal with that!</h2>

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